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Who Is Lee Cho Daygame?

I was born and raised in Asia, with English as one of several first languages of mine.

Growing up in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural yet Westernised East Asian country, but one with a strong, selectively conservative Asian culture, cognitive dissonance was constant during my adolescence in the aspect of girls, dating and sex.

I now live in the part of Europe that doesn’t want to be part of Europe. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

During my adolescence, girls didn’t come very easy – excuse the pun – but the girls I did date made other guys (and girls) jealous; they were all as part of long-term relationships (LTRs). I wasn’t a player, and I didn’t believe I was attractive.

I began my (day)game journey at 19 years old, which is now close to a decade ago. One could say I grew into adulthood with daygame.

I was part of the first generation of daygame, during the era of the now defunct company Daygame.com.

Much has changed since then, yet one thing has remained.

In all my years of daygame, I have met too many Asian men who struggle to reconcile their cultural values and upbringing with the harsh Red Pill truths of the Sexual Market Place (SMP). Consequently, they fail to achieve the success or consistency they desire in their sex lives.

To further twist the knife, Asian men are generally and/or by default considered to be of lower Sexual Market Value (SMV) than men of other ethnicities in the global SMP.

Women just don’t normally have an Asian man as their image of their ideal sexual partner.

I am not a daygame coach or guru.

However, through my experiences as an Asian daygamer in an overwhelmingly non-Asian society, the most liberating understanding that I have come to attain is this:

One’s ethnicity does not determine one’s sexual success in finality.

This is because other factors play more important roles in determining one’s SMV.

Therefore, your level of sexual attractiveness is greatly within your control.

It is my hope that by sharing my experiences of the craft of daygame, and the wider practice of game in general, I can help others similarly achieve and ultimately implement this understanding, no matter their ethnicity.

Welcome to Lee Cho Daygame.

Asian Daygame. Who Is Lee Cho Daygame.

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