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Lay Report – Same Day Lay: Personal Best Street-To-Bed Time

Asian Daygame. Lay Report - Same Day Lay - Personal Best Street-To-Bed Time

Stormy weather, a live national broadcaster, immense throngs of people, and a giant Santa Claus bent forward as if in expectation of rear-ended naughtiness.

Not a typical early Friday evening in this British shopping quarter, but this was the scene of the annual Christmas Lights Switch-On.

This was when I met Lisette.

She was petite, probably 5’3, with long, silky dark hair and electric deep blue eyes which I transfixed upon immediately as I opened. She had a classically dreamy walk and an aimless, graceful manner. Her voice was feminine and high in a very cute way.

The instant she stopped and held my gaze, her eyes went wide with what was known in the early years of game as the doggy-dinner-bowl look. I automatically catalogued her response, as such a response in the opening moments of a set can prove significant.

The conversation was very “nice” because she was super sweet and very shy. There was minimal flirtation, and zero fireworks – at least on a verbal level. It was all just very normal; with me asking her questions about herself to find out more about her and to put her at ease.

She tells me she is 18, with half-English and half-Swedish heritage. That’s why she has those blue eyes, she tells me. Turns out she’s also a math prodigy.

I wasn’t worried about the apparent lack of flirtation and verbal playfulness for two reasons. One was that the doggy-dinner-bowl look continued through most of the conversation and so signified high levels of attraction. The other reason I will elaborate on below.

As we introduced ourselves, she held on to my hand. But most importantly, she started caressing my hand.

As per the concept first explicated by 60 Years of Challenge, if a girl starts caressing or playing with your hands, it’s a very honest signal that she wants to fuck you. He goes on to explain that mutual hand-caressing is only done as a form of sexual intimacy, and so if a girl does not mutually caress your hands, she does not want to have sex with you, even despite having (eagerly) participated in other forms of physical escalation. Or at least, she doesn’t want to have sex yet.

As an extrapolation, I theorise that girls are very willing to “give out” other Indicators of Interests (IOIs) e.g. mutual touching, making out or letting you pull their hair, the reason being that although she could genuinely be attracted to you, she can unconsciously yet very likely use these forms of physical escalation as validation for herself. Therefore, one could describe these forms of IOIs as “dishonest” signals. It is not uncommon to hear that kissing means nothing to many girls.

Nevertheless, it must be reiterated that although she doesn’t mutually caress your hands yet, it doesn’t mean she won’t sleep with you eventually – she may just require more time.

But enough with semantics.

This concept of mutual hand-caressing from 60 Years of Challenge has been unfailingly reliable for me. I cannot remember an instant where this hand-caressing did not lead to sex, although I concede there could be some degree of inaccuracy in this statement.

With the hand-caressing, she ticked the boxes for a highly probable SDL, so I very quickly took her on an instant date to a bar nearby. We only had two and a half hours before a girl I see regularly would come over.

On the instant date, she still caressed my hands, so again wasting no time, I pulled her in immediately. The make out was steamy, with all the tension from the street interaction bubbling to the surface. She then started grabbing my dick.

After asking her about her logistics i.e. what she was doing later, does she have time etc., I took her back to mine. Normally, I would have done the logistics questioning in-set and before the instant date so as not to waste time on one.

The walk home was rather comical as the strong winds and lashing rain created a contrast to the plausibly deniable reason I gave to take her home, which was showing her around my lovely part of the old city before enjoying the view from my window. When she wants to fuck, almost any reason but the real reason is good enough for her.

She also nearly got blown away a few times by my scintillating charm and dripping sex appeal the wind, which added to the comical nature of it all.

It was here that she did what is signature for girls in most of my successful interactions: she mentioned the thing(s) she liked about Asia or Asian culture. In her case, it was watching anime.

I opened her at 5.30pm, and we were back at mine by 6pm. This was the fastest ever street-to-bed SDL I have done. A personal best time in the sprint event of daygame seduction.

Her petite body was extremely sexy especially when naked, and her long silky dark hair fell all the way to her waist. Her large electric blue eyes and feminine facial features gave her an intensely sensual look.

She said she only had sex once before, but I didn’t believe her.

She was a filthy talker, and she moaned and gasped eagerly while we did even filthier things.

She warned me before we started fucking that she was a squirter, so I placed a towel on the sheets – it didn’t help. She squirted hard, and drenched the sheets.

The only thing we didn’t do was anal sex.

She was the first ever girl to call me “Daddy”. I came on her face, and she happily ate up any of it that she could.

I couldn’t help but think how pornographic this all was.

We were done a half-hour before my regular girl arrived. I promptly got her to clean up and sent her on her way so I could change the sheets, not long after which my second companion for the evening arrived. So two girls in 24 hours – that’s also a first for me.

To conclude, although the above title implies that achieving shorter times from street to bed is a measure of one’s level of daygame ability, I wish to emphasise that this line of thought is incorrect.

SDLs are infrequent phenomena as they require many factors to be in place for a successful one to be carried out. As many eminent daygamers have previously advised, it is unwise whilst out during a session of daygame to look pointedly for SDLs.

Simply be wise to the honest signals she reveals in-set for desiring fast sex, develop the intuition to ascertain them, and then act decisively.

This is where the real daygame skill lies – not in achieving shorter times from street to bed.

Update: We met again outside a shop by chance in December 2019, and went to McDonald’s. She told me that she fucked 4 guys at once – anal, vaginal & oral. All this on the night of her 18th birthday. As she was 18 when she met me, she was clearly lying when she said she hadn’t slept with anyone else, which I suspected. Such a naughty girl. I didn’t sleep with her that time, nor have I since.


Swiss Roller, Daddy Figure, A Mentor of Men, and Grandpa Bubbles.

Thank you for your friendship and wingmanship braving the cold winters and beyond.

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