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Expel The Impurities

Asian Daygame. Expel The Impurities

A recurrent theme in conversations with my wings in my small city has been how often we see so-called daygamers do over-elaborate and sometimes theatrical things in daygame which are totally unnecessary and downright idiotic.

These conversations often expand into discussing how often guys focus on concepts or conditions which are not important in achieving consistent results – this is shortsighted.

This can be mainly, though not entirely, attributed to the easily palatable content & robust marketing of RSD a prominent pick-up company in the current market.

The ideas of this company revolve mainly around self-development to improve one’s nightgame.

Understand that I am not denigrating them. In fact, I can say unabashedly that the concepts presented by this company over the years have immensely contributed to my journey from being your typical insecure, nerdy Asian loser to a phenomenal sex god more centred, self-loving (and still Asian) individual, thus making me always grateful to them.

Nevertheless, their emphasis on highly-nuanced inner game concepts has resulted in pointlessly weird things in the way daygame is practiced.

Pickup Conditioning & Fallacies In Game

If you have studied game in any depth, you’ll know that to be able to do (day)game effectively and to develop yourself into a guy with high SMV, you must discard elements of social conditioning which previously constrained you.

However, in accomplishing the freedom that arises from breaking out of social conditioning, one can easily misunderstand the appropriate application of certain concepts.

Instead of understanding that some concepts are only relevant in certain contexts, many new and understandably naïve guys mistakenly believe that these concepts are to be applied in all situations, which leads to them often applying them out of context.

It is this which leads to the aforementioned excessive peculiarities such as the high-energy, entertaining but nonsensical monkey figure in daygame or even non-game settings.

In essence, the (day)gamer has replaced social conditioning with pickup conditioning.

This is also the cause of many fallacies practiced in daygame.

In light of this, there needs to be a different emphasis – one which directs aspiring daygamers away from pickup conditioning and blindly following concepts.

This emphasis I am speaking about must be on focusing on the essential factors which genuinely cause improvement both in one’s SMV and skill in daygame & seduction.

This means staying away from simply mimicking what looks good on YouTube (known as Flash Game), or regurgitating concepts you’ve read/heard without having processed it through the filter of your own reasoning and infield experiences.

In saying this, the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual daygamer to determine for himself the specifics of these essential & causal factors.

The following is not intended to be encyclopaedic or exhaustive, but merely examples for orientation:

The Process


  • Focusing on “getting into state”.


  • Disregarding “getting into state”.
  • Understanding that proficient skill level produces results more reliably than being in state.
  • Focusing on improving actions within your control e.g. holding unwavering eye contact, ensuring you tease in each set, ensuring you qualify each good set etc.

The Open


  • Thinking that one must “be honest about one’s intentions”.
  • Thinking that the opener is only needed to get a conversation started.
  • Hoping she reacts well.
  • Give her enough space.
  • Hands out of pockets.


  • Disregarding all of the above, especially hoping she reacts well.
  • Having a focus on effective sub-communication e.g. eye contact, vocal tonality, pace of speech etc.
  • Getting into close proximity to establish sexual tension immediately.
  • Knowing that a strong opener influences the success of interactions as they overwhelm the girl with the correct frame.

The Interaction


  • Looking for IOIs/hoping she likes you/trying to get a positive reaction from her.
  • Having a normal but mundane conversation.
  • Thinking she “hooks” when she asks a question about you i.e. Social Hook Point.
  • Breaking eye contact before Sexual Hook Point.
  • Following threads of conversation which she brings up, thus letting her dictate the frame of the conversation.


  • Don’t look for IOIs except for the Sexual Hook Point in her eyes.
  • Mess with her; be cheeky; be a playful asshole.
  • Say things that are related to her but which you want to say independent of caring about her response.
  • Emphasis on the Sexual Hook Point instead of Social Hook Point.
  • Holding eye contact until Sexual Hook Point.
  • Not following threads of conversation she brings up but deftly pulling her onto threads of conversation which you create.
  • Holding the frame of the interaction.



  • Waiting for her to give overt positive responses i.e. Green Lights to proceed with escalation.
  • Attempting faster pulls for the sake of it (do not be confused by the title of this post; explained further below & in the closing sections of that post).
  • Thinking that by simply getting her into your room, sex will happen.
  • Thinking that kissing equates to her wanting to have sex with you.
  • Thinking of how to handle LMR instead of strategising to avoid it completely.


  • Proceeding with escalation as long as there is no resistance i.e. Amber Lights.
  • Understanding that kissing is merely a tool to increase either connection or arousal, but not a milestone or goal in the seduction process.
  • Ensuring she makes a consciously logical & conclusive decision to fuck you, thus zero LMR as opposed to attempting to pull as fast as you can.
  • Knowing when she’s decided to fuck you by virtue of mutual hand-caressing, amongst other indicators. (Credit: 60 Years of Challenge).
  • Drawing her into your frame mentally, emotionally & physically so that she is comfortable being vulnerable with & submitting herself to you. (Credit: Nick Krauser in Daygame Mastery).

General Concepts


  • Believing that simply because she likes you, she wants to fuck you.


It is my hope in writing these recommendations & exhortations that daygamers will be encouraged to critically evaluate for themselves what they truly need to refine & perfect their abilities.

To do this effectively and accurately, however, requires the correct psychological framework and mental schema.

These are acquired through a proper understanding of Red Pill knowledge.

On Red Pill Knowledge & Inner Game

As Red Pill knowledge is rooted in human evolutionary biology, it allows one to properly see what constitutes a high SMV individual and accurately perceive the Sexual Market Place (SMP).

As a corollary, effective daygame always arises from an internalisation of Red Pill understanding.

By virtue of being able to distinguish what high SMV is, one can then introspect to see whether any elements in addition to daygame need refining. This too is part of determining the causal factors for success.

This brings us to inner game.

For some, a focus on inner game is crucial if one possesses a belief, whether valid or otherwise, that one is unattractive i.e. of low SMV.

Yet others may require minimal focus on inner game as they not only possess the belief of being high SMV, but actually are high SMV themselves.

A relevant post by Nick Krauser entitled “Reveal vs Restructure” delves deeper with excellent insight.


Drawing on the combined insights of my own reading of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield & Nick Krauser’s book review of the same, I would like to suggest that one treats daygame like a profession.

In doing so, the responsibility one undertakes in dissecting one’s learning & practice takes on a more clinical and empirical approach.

Thus, it is hoped that one begins to develop a deep & profound respect for the discipline of daygame.

Honour the craft.

Distil your daygame.

Expel the impurities.

Asian Daygame. Expel The Impurities


Swiss Roller & Daddy Figure for the discussions which began the thought process behind this post.

CDM for making me crystallise the thoughts behind the content & encouraging me to write this post.

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