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Lay Report – Xhosa Xperiences

An accurate depiction of her, apart from the face

Another cold evening in this scarcely traversed British shopping quarter. It was the winter of early 2017.

The city I am in is sparse for daygame, but the average quality is acceptable, though not the case everyday.

I walked along a brightly lit, slightly sloping avenue of this hybrid outdoor-indoor shopping centre which we call Pink Street, inspired by the façade of the Victoria’s Secret store. The colour theme & sultriness in the display windows bring to mind a catchphrase of sorts: “Pink Like A Pussy”.

Having been out of commission for three months due to a semi-serious knee injury, it was good to be daygaming again.

It was on Pink Street that I opened Olu.

She was small; around two inches shorter than me while wearing heels – I’m only 5’7.

However, I was to discover that she wasn’t so miniature in areas of interest.

I don’t remember her exact age, but she was in her mid-20s.

She was South African, of Xhosa ethnicity.

For the unaware, Xhosa is an African language in which clicks are used for certain consonants.

It’s one of the languages spoken by the comedian Trevor Noah, which he proudly broadcasts whenever he can.

If instead you thought of the now (in)famous scene from an early stand-up comedy act of Russell Peters, you are racist certainly know a good piece of comedy when you see one.

The set was normal with nothing extraordinary. She was surprised, intrigued, then attracted.

Halfway into the set, she tells me to walk with her. Usually, this is inadvisable since it can project a subtle yet detrimental air of neediness – not to mention the hazard of falling into her frame.

However, having already established that she liked me, I agreed to walk with her to the end of the street.

It was a good opportunity to establish a sense of “Us” as opposed to simply being two strangers who had just met.

Have you ever lost sense of time whilst going for a walk?

It is this feeling of distortion which I relied upon when agreeing to walk with her to deepen the feeling of knowing each other.

If one prefers, this built Comfort and/or Rapport.

That said, it should be re-iterated that I only agreed to walk with her because I recognised she was interested in me.

At the end of the street, we spoke for awhile more before I number closed. It became interesting as she initially refused, and abruptly began walking away.

This abruptness in walking away is common in my previous experiences with black girls.

By being commanding in telling them to stay, either with a commanding physical gesture or vocal tonality, their eyes go big and their body language becomes more “floppy” (Credit: Tom Torero). They become visibly more attracted.

This set was no different.

I met her a few days after attending the Daygame 3.0 seminar by Tom Torero.

Early in the date, she was somewhat discreet but her eyes flashed cheekiness.

With a figure-hugging grey long-sleeved top & tight-fitting jeans, I was left only with the last sliver of imagination as to how she looked undressed & bare.

The extreme contours of her outfit weren’t merely suggestive – they were conclusive.

Her breasts were colossal; her ass round & tantalising; the curve of her hips ravishingly exciting.

We played the Questions Game.

Despite her eyes showing naughtiness with each risqué question, she acted reserved when giving her answers.

Being extremely amused by her mother-tongue, I tried my hardest to up the ante, hoping she would begin clicking furiously from excitement.

I would have gleefully congratulated myself on a successful night had this happened, even if sex didn’t occur.

Her reservedness soon dissipated as I moved to sit next to her at the second venue. The proximity seemed to give her licence to express what I had seen in her eyes.

Very soon after we sat on the sofas, she climbed on top of me and straddled me unprompted. We continued normal conversation. After a short while, she sheepishly and hurriedly got off, looking around the empty bar to see if anyone had seen her.

She said repeatedly that she “couldn’t believe she was out partying with someone younger than her”.

I took her home not long after. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the exact duration of our date.

I also cannot recall if she caressed my hands.

It is worth highlighting that I did not kiss her before taking her home. This demonstrates that kissing is unnecessary in making her sufficiently aroused for sex.

Her dark skin was smooth to the point of being arousing; being just visible in the dim light of my bedroom, the sensation of skin upon skin contact was incredibly heightened.

Her small yet curvaceous silhouette stirred me, but the peak of arousal came as I grabbed both her perfectly-shaped Double D breasts and firm ass.

Foreplay – with roaming hands, squeezing of her assets & rubbing of her tiny clitoris – was electric.

She gripped my dick extremely hard, making it ache but simultaneously being immensely stimulating.

As we fucked, she placed her fingers in a V-shape around my dick at the opening of her pussy as I pounded her. The feeling was sensational, like being in two separate vaginas at different lengths of my dick.

I gripped her breasts & her neck as she lay on her back. She was so small that I bent her in half as we fucked.

She fucking lost it, screaming louder and louder until I felt her pussy contracting on my dick.

I pulled her onto her knees to finish, and uninhibitedly spattered her huge tits.

We met again a few times more.

Her sex is to date the most animalistic & raw that I have had.

She slurped loudly during blowjobs, going so violently deep that I could hear and feel my dick hitting her throat.

She lost control when she was on top: grinding, twerking & bouncing while emanating primal sounds and screams. Her ass and tits were clutched at, slapped hard and simply abused to oblivion – which stimulated her even more.

The last time I fucked her, it was against the large panel mirror in my bathroom. Fucking her from behind, it was extremely raw and hard as we both watched ourselves. My eyes were transfixed on her Double D tits bouncing as we fucked.

I have so far made very little mention of our conversations. This is in part due to being unable to recall much of them, but also because I didn’t find her to be a very interesting individual.

In fact, I found her increasingly narcissistic & irritating each time.

During our final time meeting each other, as we were having food after sex, she dropped a piece of chicken with curry sauce on my floor.

Instead of being a normal human being and cleaning it up, she strongly refused to do so, spouting some fucking nonsense about how she “does this all the time at home and just wants some time to chill when she’s out”. I let her finish her food, then said goodbye to her for good.

One could argue that my frame could and should have been stronger during the period I saw her to ensure that she never acted out as she did; this could well have been the case.

Saying this, I am pleased with my decision to cut her out of my life.

It is never wise to mitigate negativity, but nearly always the correct solution to eliminate its source.

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience – my first black girl.

I understand if one is somewhat puzzled or curious at this particular inter-racial sexual relationship due to the sexual stereotypes surrounding both races represented in this story.

The one significant thing I do recall her telling me post-coitally after the first time is that she had previously only been with black guys, but has never thought of Asian men as being sexually unappealing.

In fact, she said she became curious about Asian men after we met on the street (although I’m sure she actually meant just me).

Combining the points above with the fact that she returned multiple times to have earth-shattering sex, I hope that this story has contributed to the dismissal of the connotations surrounding the sexuality of Asian men.

Furthermore, my greater hope is that this story further pulls back the curtain on the self-limiting beliefs held by many (though not all) Asian men about their attractiveness to women, irrespective of race or colour.

My wing & friend Daddy Figure suggested that I title this post Black & Yellow, as per that abomination of a song.

I know this will have crossed your mind too, you motherfucker dear reader.

In conclusion, continue taking care of yourself by improving yourself & your daygame, and her fine black ass will take care of you.


FAB for your wingmanship during the cold months of 2016/2017 prior to your move to London.

4 thoughts on “Lay Report – Xhosa Xperiences”

    1. Thank you man. 🙂
      I have other daygame experiences ending in sex besides this one which make me believe this is true.
      I also have friends whom I know are of high daygame calibre and share similar experiences to mine – one of them was described to me by Tom Torero as the best daygamer in the world at that time; he appears regularly on Torero’s podcast.
      So I’m quite convinced of the accuracy of that statement I made.

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