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Lay Report – Bellissima della Toscana

Asian Daygame. Lay Report - Bellisima Della Toscana.
She had green eyes.

A month had passed since returning from Eurojaunt in Barcelona, Spain.

That itself will get the post it deserves, as the realisations & experiences were priceless, and the immediate aftermath was monumentally deflating – making it a story worth telling.

It was also slightly over a month since I ended things with a Latina I had been seeing for a year and a half. She was to date the best girl in my life, and with her feminine and loving support, I achieved greater heights and established better paradigms in which I now live. This too deserves its own post, which I will sit down to write once enough time has elapsed to give me full perspective on what was a truly beautiful, synergistic relationship.

A heavy exam season immediately followed my return from Eurojaunt; my final exam of the year had finished a few hours before the start of this particular escapade.

The sun was finally shining in this British city after weeks of wind & rain. The heat was welcome, not only for the improved temperature but also the increase in sexiness of female clothing.

As it was only the second day of sunshine, the girls hadn’t yet collectively gotten fed up of constant sunshine (as they invariably do with anything constant & predictable e.g. blue-pill beta white-knights), so the afternoon was set up to be a rare good day of daygame in the sun.

It was a great day for the end of exams. This was four days ago, from the time of publishing this piece.

Lucia was my first set of the day.

She was a petite girl, around 5’4.

She glided down the main thoroughfare of the city looking elegant in a black jumpsuit and contrasting beige high heels. With a low-cut top half, and a semi-transparent lace design from her shoulders ending just above her partially revealed breasts, the stylishness of her outfit was out of keeping with the unimaginative fashion sense of British girls.

Her hair was voluminous and curly, which alluded to her origins. It was arousing. It was also clipped up high, drawing her curly locks back from her face, which emphasised her prominent facial structures.

Her defined cheekbones and sharp, aquiline nose added real sensuality to her elegant look. Although she was wearing sunglasses, I already knew she would create an intensely erotic image when she got on her knees and looked up at me as she gave head. Pornstars in POV scenes would be put to shame.

Her bare arms were slim, which aroused me more as I imagined grabbing them in domineering lust.

Lucia was 23, from the region of Tuscany in Italy, making her pale white skin unusual.

Halfway through the set she lifted her sunglasses to show me her green eyes. Erotic images continued to flash across my mind.

The set itself was cheeky, and she was very feminine in the way she responded with giggles as I messed with her playfully. This was my most fun set since Barcelona. 

A few hours after we met, she messaged me first with an enthusiastic text. Her enthusiasm continued throughout our text exchange so far as to ask me what my plans were now that exams were done.

When this happens, dampen the voice of insecurity in your head sowing doubts as to whether she likes you or is just making polite texting conversation. This girl wants to see you, so make the fucking thing happen.

The key in this situation was her continued enthusiasm and double texting when I hadn’t replied for awhile, letting me know she was interested. Trust her behaviour, not her words.

She was fun over text, which was pleasantly surprising as many girls tend to be quite plain although sweet. In person, she was even more interesting.

She was charming and refined, conferring great merit unto her Tuscan heritage. However, a more pleasant yet dumbfounding surprise was to be sprung on me.

She had an almost innocent air, but with enough cheekiness to her charm that made me think of her as a naughty kid in high school newly discovering sex and what a fun, raw experience it is for its own sake. I was to discover why.

She told me that up until two years ago, she used to be borderline obese.

I almost couldn’t believe her; she was a sexy little petite spinner. She elaborated:

She arrived in England as a really fat girl, one day looked in the mirror at her formerly disgusting body and didn’t like what she saw, then embarked on a life-changing journey of healthy eating and intense fitness regimes. 

This was the reason she had a teenager’s fresh naughtiness as the sexual tension between us built; she was still relatively unscathed by large amounts of pathetic attention given by lesser males. But as I would find out, a sweet naive virgin she was not.

We spent the next half an hour mercilessly mocking the destructive fallacy of “body positivity” and the normalisation of unhealthy, grotesque and excessively large body types in this failing society. With each barb and jibe at fat-loving culture, she waved her hands about in truly Italian fashion while her eyes lit up with passion and her thick curly hair bounced in tandem with her animated gesticulations. I never had so much fun nor been so aroused when fat-shaming gross British girls.

She began caressing my hands in the first venue. I pulled her in as she was mid-sentence and kissed her – she came into me for a full, passionate make-out. I pushed her off.

I knew by the end of my usual gin and tonic that I would fuck her tonight, but that I could not make the mistake I did in Barcelona of pulling her home too fast before she was mentally, emotionally and physically ready to fuck. We then went to the second venue and sat on a sofa.

Things got more sexual, physically and verbally. However, nothing overtly referring to us having sex was said – sex was communicated indirectly and through subtleties as I drew a map on her thigh close to her crotch and talking about how being slapped in a public setting isn’t as enjoyable as others. 

The hand-caressing became more obvious, and the silences were becoming more electric. I pulled the trigger, and took her home. 

She surprisingly had no loose bits for a former fat girl, and very minimal stretch marks.

Seeing her on her knees giving me a blowjob was as good as the image in my head. What truly ignited a fire within me was when she rested her head on the edge of my bed and threw back her thick, sexy, curly hair, spreading it out all over my bed. Her already angular, regal features became even more pronounced as she shaped her lips to encircle my dick and looked up with her large green eyes. In addition to the visual excitement of the whole experience, she was slurpingly enthusiastic and very rhythmic, both of which are to my liking. I also face-fucked her in front of my full-length mirror while holding her sexy curly hair back, making her gag like a professional porn actress. The face-fucking was new to her, but she has great potential to become extremely good at it since she got into it very eagerly.

The sex was very passionate, which to me personified her Italian nature. She held me tight to her, seemingly wanting my body crushing hers with her legs wrapped around me as she screamed how she loved my balls slapping against her ass as we fucked hard. Her pussy was very tight, as I expected with her petite body. I grabbed her arousing mass of curly hair close to her scalp and buried my face in it. She screamed hard, loud and animalistically as she came, clawing her nails into my back. 

We fucked twice that night, and both times she came in exactly the same uninhibited, primal manner.

Post-sex, she was very sweet and gentle, cuddling up to me as we talked i.e. the Post-Sex Interview (PSI). Turns out she only became active a year and a half ago, and had slept with only 4 guys before me. Most entertainingly, they were all Asian. I joked that she used me as an Asian sex object. 

According to her, she knew we were going to have sex when we left the second venue, but there wasn’t a specific moment when she decided she wanted to fuck me – she just went with the flow of things. As one of the few properly applicable RSD aphorisms goes, “Girls are turned on gradually like a volume knob”.

Lucia was as beautiful as she was fun, and as sexual as she was a genuine individual. She was also my first Italian girl. I consider myself privileged to have met many women with good personalities, and I am grateful for it. It is now up to me to maintain the frame to ensure that she adds value to my life instead of disrupting it.


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