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SMV Arbitrage – Part 1: White Guys and Asian Girls

Asian Daygame.SMV Arbitrage – Part 1-White Guys and Asian Girls.

It’s common knowledge:

The phenomenon of white guys travelling to Asian countries with greater wealth inequalities than that seen in the Western world with the (starkly conscious or at times unconscious) aim of obtaining easy sex – and sometimes paid-for sex. This phenomenon occurs in my hometown too, which I return to each year and where I see first-hand the occurrence of this phenomenon.

At this juncture, I would like to state that this piece is not an expression of bitterness nor opposition towards white men who like and/or do well with Asian girls.

I’ve never felt this way at any point in my life, be it pre-game or since starting game.

Moreover, after six years of doing game, having had sexual experiences with girls of various ethnicities, and having numerous non-Asian daygame friends who are attracted to and even do well with Asian girls, I’ve come to identify that the only way I perceive the aforementioned phenomenon is through the lens of the concept of SMV exchange in the Sexual Marketplace (SMP).

Thus, in saying so, paid-for sex is in my opinion an admission of one’s failure as a man, especially in the case of those who cannot meet and have sex with women with some level of consistency. I hold this opinion likely due to upbringing and/or cultural influence, but on a personal level it seems desolate that one would accept the position that women will only sleep with him as part of a financial transaction, devoid of any attraction to his qualities as an individual.

“Desire cannot be negotiated.” – Rollo Tomassi in The Rational Male.


But what about white guys who don’t pay for sex in Asia? Well, it is true that there are Asian girls who like white guys simply due to them being white, making sex and relationships easier to come by.

This is the concept of SMV arbitrage at work.

SMV Arbitrage (Credit: Nick Krauser)

Arbitrage is a concept adapted from the field of economics.

As I do not have a background in economics, my understanding of this concept outside of game is elementary.

In game however, this is the idea that one guy has higher SMV in one country than another because of various factors in the local SMP.

A well-known example is indeed white guys in Asia. A large number of Asian women here do find white men more attractive due to a combination of factors: a better Western lifestyle portrayed by the media (which is partially true, for better or worse), deep-seated & unconscious illusions of Western superiority due to a post-colonial hangover, the overwhelming and generational influence of Western popular culture, and exoticness. Note that this is regardless of the white guy’s wealth, real-world status, looks, or even game. The average white guy would never have the same level of attractiveness back in the Western world.

Another example is European women and Latinas who move to the UK. Such girls are of average quality in their home countries when compared to others from those countries, but due to the lower level of attractiveness of British girls in general, they become more desirable than they ever were back home. I say this with certainty as I have been with these girls in my time in the UK. I have also daygamed extensively in Central and Eastern Europe, including the city of Barcelona upon which all of Latin America seems to converge, and found the average quality of girls to be much higher than in the UK. The British know it too – “Your football is shit, your women are fit” is not an unusual chant to be heard at international football games involving England and another European country.

Nevertheless, the greatest level of SMV arbitrage I’ve seen in my 6 years of game is between well-groomed Asian guys with charisma i.e. game and Asian girls who grew up in Asia. More on this in Part 2.

The Reality

But how does this phenomenon of white guys having an easier time sleeping with Asian women truly look when scrutinised?

On the surface, it would seem the most effective course of action for Western men is to move to Asia in order to have regular sex or find a relationship, even without indulging in Beta-male provider game or full-blown prostitution. It’s understandable to assume that they have a competitive advantage over Asian men when it comes to sleeping with Asian women.

Additionally, mainly in Anglophone countries, it has become common that many Asian women born and raised in these countries actively and openly decline to be with any Asian guys, but instead date only white guys. This has even been shown on television dating programmes in countries such as Australia and the USA. A simple Google or YouTube search will suffice to see this for yourself. This is a topic I will address in Part 2.

However, moving the focus back to Asia, a statement from my own mother many years ago regarding this phenomenon gave me a lot of perspective. This was before my introduction to the Red Pill.

She said, “These local girls who snap up white guys, it’s not like these guys are any kind of professional. If they were doctors or bankers, it would be good. But they are nothing, and so are these girls!”

Yes, my mum is quintessentially Asian in her focus on having a good professional job. No surprises there.

But unknowingly, her statement is in fact an accurate description of a universal Red Pill truth: High value girls sleep with high value guys.

One could argue that these white guys are of high(er) SMV in Asia due to the factors mentioned above, despite my mum’s disapproval for their lack of career success. I do not dispute this, this is SMV arbitrage at work after all.

However, my mum’s statement holds up to scrutiny because the reality of this whole phenomenon is this:

The quality of girls which these white men tend to end up with are of distinctly average quality, at least in my hometown, though I suspect this is a common theme elsewhere. These girls are neither at the upper end of the scale of beauty nor possess any outstanding qualities to their person (although in fairness, they may well surpass the level of beauty of the average British girl).

The white men meant in these cases are not old, fat and balding expats, but young men of acceptable looks and build.

I speak from first-hand experience as two of my female cousins have married white men who lack character and charisma. My cousins themselves are at least somewhat pretty, but certainly not the most beautiful nor otherwise remarkable of the girls in our family – we are a sublimely good-looking family, especially that one male cousin living in the UK.

Aside from this, I have met other girls who have paired with white guys, and both parties have been consistently and distinctly unremarkable in all aspects.

As for nightgame, the girls whom these white guys end up with tend to be of poorer grooming and not very attractive – neither myself nor my wing would approach them.

This is the reality of the phenomenon of white guys travelling to Asia: their SMV is higher than back home in the West due to SMV Arbitrage, allowing them to sleep and form relationships with 5s, 6s or occasionally 7s like my cousins, but still not high enough to be with more attractive women.

Are there white guys who actually get with hot Asian women in Asia?

Of course. However, I only see this kind of guy occasionally, and even then it is more likely that he will have some sort of cultural “in”, for example having grown up in Asia or in that particular country.

Most importantly, the common denominator for the guys whom I’ve met who get with truly attractive Asian women in Asia is that they always possess a healthy sense of confidence, and have good game. This is irrespective of whether they grew up in Asia, or moved to Asia from elsewhere.

So take a lesson from my mum – don’t simply rely on SMV arbitrage just to get some average pussy.

Instead, focus on becoming a better individual in all aspects of your SMV, especially the more intangible aspects of SMV such as charisma and character, and then employ SMV arbitrage to enhance your performance and experience in game to ultimately sleep and form relationships with hotter girls.