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SMV Arbitrage – Part 2: Asian Experiences

Asian Daygame. SMV Arbitrage - Part 2. Asian Experiences.

In Part 1, I wrote that it has become common that many Asian girls in Anglophone countries are simply not interested in dating or sleeping with Asian men.

On a personal level, I had never given much credence nor notice to this phenomenon. I became increasingly aware of it as I progressed along my game journey through the years through anecdotes from other Asian gamers whom I came across. Finally, it was reading this post by Rollo Tomassi that made me aware of the size of this phenomenon.

I call it a phenomenon, and not a problem, because I don’t see it as a problem.

This is mainly because having grown up around sweet, pleasant, small-waisted, tight-bodied, naturally feminine-featured Asian girls, many (though not all) Anglophone Asian girls are simply not attractive. This is because they are so incredibly masculine, and thus so un-Asian. Additionally, they tend to have poorer make-up skills and natural beauty than their counterparts from Asia. If I find them a majority of them unattractive, the fact that they would not want to be with me is a complete non-factor, and so not a problem whatsoever.

However, for my Asian friends who do find this to be an issue, I will certainly go further than simply recommending you to adopt my perspective on this matter.

In my experiences of doing game in Asia (largely in my hometown, but also our capital city, Singapore and Cambodia) for around two months every year for the past six years, I’ve met countless numbers of girls who tell me that they like only Asian guys and would never be with white guys.

Whilst words are not always reliable, the truth of this statement hardly matters – what does matter is that these girls, who are extremely attractive & feminine, show genuine and high levels of attraction & arousal towards me and my wing, who I will introduce properly in the next section below. We are both as Asian as they come, and our experiences with these girls have been conclusive.

Furthermore, Asian people are the most numerous on the planet. The anecdotes and whatever statistics which exist to show that Asian women prefer white men over Asian men are simply negligible and non-representative – they have not taken into account a sufficiently large number of Asian women from across the world, much less in Asia, to provide an accurate picture of reality.

It is in Asia that Asian women prefer Asian men to other ethnicities, and it is in Asia that Asian women tend to be more beautiful anyway!

Therefore, I am unwaveringly certain that my Asian friends will have no trouble in meeting Asian girls who will be attracted to them, and who are of a higher quality than the Western- or Anglosphere-born/raised Asian girls, provided they have a good level of SMV themselves.

For my Asian friends who were raised in the Western world, especially in Anglophone countries, and who are faced with the dual conundrum of Western-born Asian girls being openly dismissive of them and a supposed lack of the Asian girls from Asia as I described above, the solution is not difficult. As nearly all of Asia is still enjoying the effects of upwardly mobile economic change, and disposable incomes are ever increasing, an even greater number of Asians (re: girls) from all over Asia are migrating to Western countries for education and work.

Koreans, Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Thai, Japanese, Indonesians – the diversity of female Asian students and young professionals in the Western world now is incredible. Whilst there will be some in this demographic who will prefer white men over Asian men, there will be as many, if not more, who still will prefer being with an Asian man.

Excuses are therefore unforgivable. It is up to you to meet these girls if Asian girls are your preference, and doing so has never been easier without travelling to Asia itself.

Moreover, be open to exploring the entire depth and breadth of the experience of being with an Asian girl. “Let her illuminate you,” is what my mentor JT used to say. As each country is so rich in and proud of it’s own unique heritage, these girls truly delight in and shine brightest when showing you the richness of their culture (mainly through the food – God, the food).

If Asian girls are the dear reader’s preference, then I strongly hope my recommendations are taken to heart, because applying SMV arbitrage to an already-established good SMV will be remarkable, bordering on spectacular – especially if you are an Asian guy.

SMV Arbitrage In Favour of Asian Men


Asian Daygame. SMV Arbitrage In Favour of Asian Men. Asian Girls.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been both day- and nightgaming whenever I’m back in my hometown with a close friend of mine from high school. We’ll call him Captain JC, or Capt. JC.

In high school, we were both socially unaccepted – unpopular, lacking friends and socially incompetent. As far as girls were concerned, we definitely weren’t great.

After graduation, I hadn’t seem him for six years until I met him at an airport three years ago.

We met up soon after in our hometown.

I spoke to him about daygame, which to his credit didn’t surprise or bewilder him like other civilians – he was quite impassive.

I was to be surprised by him instead.

It turned out that he had spent the past six years on the other side of the world from me (I was already in the UK) successfully honing his seduction skills with a large international collection of Asian girls from all across Asia. Hot Asian girls. Model- and actress-quality girls.

He lived in a very metropolitan city outside of Asia, one with a diverse population of Asian immigrants.

He would meet them on Asian chat apps, which are Asian versions of Facebook & Instagram, and initially practiced teasing and escalating over texts with the less attractive ones, after which he moved onto really stunning girls. From the texting, he’d move on to going on dates with these girls and then fucking them in his city centre apartment.

I can vouch for the quality of the girls he sleeps with and his game as I’ve seen both first-hand since our chance meeting at the airport three years ago.

Saying all this, the most respectable part of his story was that he decided to make a better life for himself after high school.

He infused his brain with knowledge and made himself a better person, one with a large amount of self-love and self-respect, and excellent social ability.

He is a self-development success story, for which he has my admiration. I am doubly happy as we go all the way back to high school.

Living abroad has also given him a nicely polished accent when speaking English and an impressive eloquence when he expresses himself.

His fashion and style are faultless, and although at times mistaken for being quiet, his charm when speaking to girls is irrepressible.

He is a good illustration of high SMV, and fits the profile of the type of guy greatly sought after by women in Asia.

As for myself, I have been told that I also possess some of the above characteristics. I certainly had the same experience of high school as Capt. JC. If interested, one can read more about my pre-game and early game journey in the Who Is Lee Cho Daygame? post.

It has happened numerous times in nightgame that girls whom we approach are always confused at themselves for not rejecting us, and how they join us for drinks instead. Girls are sometimes also confused as to how quickly they join us for drinks. The usual expression of this confusion is when the girls spontaneously tell us that guys are usually rejected very quickly when they approach and that they almost never join other guys for drinks.

Whilst the rate of closing i.e. fucking girls from nightgame in our hometown is not extraordinary (likely due to some technical deficiencies in the later stages of our nightgame, and at other times due to logistics), the number of times we have girls at the Sexual Hook Point and willing to be alone with us away from each other or away from their friends is significantly more frequent than when I nightgame in the UK.

More experienced nightgamers than myself may have a differing opinion, but I hold the concept by Todd V to be true, that being if a girl is comfortable leaving her friends to be alone with you, she is interested in fucking you. This of course does not mean the lay is certain; other factors such as logistics or her friends may interfere.

Many of the girls we meet and have interactions of this nature with are noticeably more attractive than many of the other girls in the bar or club, and the girls in our city possess remarkable beauty.

Furthermore, a lot of attraction is generated based on the fact that we speak English confidently and yet uniquely compared to local guys due to living overseas. When it becomes apparent that we also speak (and flirt in) local languages fluently, it would seem that a significant amount of genuine connection is built. However, we insist on running the whole set predominantly in English since it is now our primary language, and also because it passively causes girls to fall into our frame.

The fact that we both have very interesting life experiences, not just limited to the fact that we live overseas, also creates large amounts of attraction and comfort as one would expect. Be it the cool stories of Capt. JC on his job, one that every young boy would have at least once dreamed of being, or my (daygame) travel stories across Europe since before the conception of this blog, these Demonstrations of High Value (DHVs) set us apart in a place where these experiences may not be so common.

Additionally, our hometown is to Korean and Chinese tourists what Budapest or Prague is to Brits on a stag-due, or a bachelor party as American readers would call it, although the Koreans (and sometimes the Chinese) tend to be much more civilised despite flocking in droves to our city for non-debauched tourism. The type of interactions described above have also occurred with said Korean and Chinese tourists. This fact, coupled with Capt. JC’s sexual experiences with girls from a whole multitude of Asian countries, demonstrate that our experiences are not limited simply to girls of the same nationality as us.

I must emphasise that despite all of the above, rejections, failed sets, self-doubt and turbulent emotions are still a regular feature. I do not want to sell Asia, or at least my hometown, as a “pussy-paradise” because it most certainly is not. In fact, before achieving my milestone lay with the flight attendant we had been rejected by 5 different sets that night, Koreans and locals, and were even quite hesitant to open the flight attendant set for around an hour as it was a mixed set (yes I know, we acted like such pussies lol). The game is still hard – but that is why the lessons learnt will be retained.

It is my hope that by describing our experiences and the nature of our interactions, it can be highlighted that an Asian guy with a foundation of good SMV – namely in terms of grooming, character, charisma and game skills – can achieve a higher level of success with more attractive Asian girls from Asia due to the effects of SMV Arbitrage working in his favour.

Europeans & Latinas

Asian Daygame. SMV Arbitrage In Favour of Asian Men. European & Latina Girls.

SMV arbitrage does not just work in favour of Asian men with Asian girls.

A disclaimer:

Aside from Seven Daygame and Takeaway, a Chinese wing of mine I first met in my city in the UK and has now moved to Eastern Europe but is still relatively new to daygame, I am not aware at this stage of any other active Asian daygamer in Europe. Therefore, I am basing this section largely on my own first-hand experience. While an element of bias could exist in this section, I have done my utmost to write only facts and be impartial.

I would encourage readers to also explore Seven’s daygame experiences as they may help create a more comprehensive picture for the reader regarding this topic, and also because he is an excellent and experienced daygamer.

I also welcome Asian daygamers wherever you may be in the world either to comment below about your experiences on this topic or contact me on Twitter if you wish.

In the Anglosphere, there seems to be a negative stereotype towards Asians based on the experiences of Takeaway, Capt. JC and myself, especially in nightgame. I detailed on Twitter an episode of racism directed at me in a club and how I dealt with it a few months ago. This kind of occurrence however, is not regular. What is regular are guys and girls being condescending as default and/or coming up to us unprovoked to laugh in our faces, which does not happen to close friends and wingmen who are of similar height, build, fashion and style but who are Caucasian. In fact, Takeaway is usually one of the most well-built guys in the club, and still these things occur to him.

However, on all my trips to Europe in my six years of game, I have encountered something very different. The experiences mentioned above have never occurred to me nor to Takeaway. Speaking to close friends of mine, both daygamers and civilians, from various European countries, and also girls that I’ve slept with and dated, there seems to be very few negative stereotypes of Asian people. This is what likely leads to more pleasant experiences of nightgame in Europe.

Furthermore, girls are at the very least unreactive to the fact that I am Asian. At the very best, some girls become very attracted due to the fact that I look so different to the average guy in that particular country. They give very overt IOIs, open up easily when I approach, qualify themselves greatly, and the interaction can escalate very quickly (up until the point the friends or something random fucks things up).

In daygame, I also get more IOIs than in the UK – the only places I get more IOIs are in Asian countries.

While no girl is begging me to go home with her because I remind her of Mr Miyagi, I meet a few girls – a few, not shiploads – like the ones described above each trip, be it to Norway or Hungary, Germany or Poland. Most of these girls are not even Asiaphiles i.e. girls who enjoy watching anime or have a fascination with Asian culture, nor have ever thought of being with an Asian guy before.

It is SMV arbitrage at work.

This is similar with Latinas, who are the second most viscerally arousing type of girls to me, with girls from my own country being the first.

In my city in the UK, we are blessed for two months a year where South & Central Americans come to study English (I do not consider Spanish girls to be Latinas; they are still very European in their mannerisms and are very different from girls from Latin America).

Although always chattering away in large groups walking through the small city centre, nightgame is a different animal. The dancing is expectedly sensual and sublime, rivalled only by girls from certain Southeast Asian countries. Whilst not having slept with a Latina from nightgame, there have been extremely near-miss, blue ball situations. In those sets, I remember the girls opening up easily and giving me the large, dreamy eyes very early in the set.

These nightgame experiences with Latinas were similar on my recent trip to Barcelona, Spain in 2019, where a huge number of South and Central Americans reside either for work or study.

Daygaming in Barcelona was possibly my best experience of daygame so far. Although recovering from recently ending things with the best girl I had been with to this day (also a Latina from Central America), I was astonished at the frequency at which I was getting IOIs. These girls were almost all Latinas, and when they could speak decent English, qualified themselves very enthusiastically. The levels of attraction were very high, even with the girls who didn’t speak much English – the large eyes, floppy body language, playing with their hair. It really was a refreshing experience compared to the average-looking, masculine British girls I work with and trudge through on a daygame session on a daily basis.

A nice story from Takeaway from his short four day stay in Ukraine also illustrates the effect of SMV Arbitrage for Asian guys in Europe. As I mentioned, and he will readily admit this, Takeaway is new to daygame – he started less than a year ago and has not even done a thousand sets.

However, he met an extremely hot Ukrainian doctor (so no need to sound the Provider Game alert) who was into fitness and had been with Asian men before. He went on a date with her very soon after.

With some good but basic escalation, she was all over him, although she had to meet with her friends after their date and so he didn’t take her home.

On his last night in Ukraine, bearing in mind how short a time he was there, she texted him and basically propositioned him for sex, saying “Do you want to stay at my place tonight?”.

Unfortunately, due to inexperience, he wasn’t able to pass her shit tests that arose as a result of her Anti-Slut Defence (ASD), and so didn’t fuck her. This however was an absolutely remarkable story from a guy who had only ever had one girlfriend previously, and who had not had much experience at all in daygame.

By sharing my experiences of European girls and Latinas, and also this nice story from Takeaway, I hope that one can see that Asian guys can be at an advantage when it comes to non-Asian/white women.

I have also had some experiences with African girls – slept with one and dated four, although these experiences are not sufficient to reliably draw conclusions from.


Most of the writing about the phenomenon of SMV arbitrage has been from the Caucasian perspective, and it has certainly helped many in their journey of game.

Unfortunately, nearly nothing is known of the Asian experience of SMV arbitrage.

I hope this piece provides some insight into SMV Arbitrage for Asian guys, although I must emphasise that this phenomenon will only enrich the experience of those who already possess a foundation of good SMV.

If the fire of adventure to discover more the possibilities of meeting women from across the world is ignited, then I wish you all the success the journey will bring.

See you on the road.