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Lay Report – Same Day Lay: My First Ever Same Day (De-)Lay – Arab Pleasures

Asian Daygame. Lay Report - Same Day Lay.My First Ever Same Day (De-)Lay - Arab Pleasures

I recently found this on the only online community I am part of. This is one of my early lay reports from when I just started writing them.

This took place in late 2016.

I have included comments written in italics of what I now think of what occurred back then. It was interesting to read how I thought about game back then – brought a smile to my face. I felt a bit of nostalgia too.

However, I used way too many emojis. Apologies, adults.

Anyway, here it is:

Okay, so I must say there wasn’t much game involved. (This was an inaccurate assessment borne of inexperience at the time – I have to give myself some credit for firstly being able to escalate, and secondly being able to escalate in a manner which wasn’t excessive nor resulted in breaking the sexual tension).

This one was literally just a case of being the right guy at the right place at the right time, and not fucking it up. (Kind of – as with all SDLs – but not entirely, as explained above). And maybe also some self-discipline and emotional control. (Definitely emotional control – I remember being shit scared that I was gonna take a girl home literally hours after meeting her).

It was a Saturday evening, and I had just finished a date with a cute Ecuadorian girl. That date didn’t go too well unfortunately, and I was quite annoyed with her at the end of it. We said goodbye in the city centre, and at this point I just wanted to go home. But I didn’t.

Instead, I decided to daygame because going home wasn’t going to benefit me. So this girl was maybe my 3rd set into the session, she was a cute and petite girl with quite exotic features walking down the street with a sort of adorable, loping walk that short people have. She had nice dark skin, big eyes and prominent nose and cheekbones.

She was from Qatar.

After I opened, she literally looked me up and down to check me out, and then started opening up very easily and sweetly. She said she was in a rush and asked me to walk with her – she clearly liked me so I did. As we got to the end of the street, she gave me her number eagerly.

After I sent her the first text a few hours later that evening, she asked to meet up. She was still in the city centre having finished shopping. Here is where some weasels arose in my head: “This is too easy, does she just want attention/validation? If she wants to fuck, I need perfect game to pull it off!”

What nonsense right? I said yes and met her.

The date was really easy – escalation was smooth, no resistance, took her back to my place within an hour. I’m quite happy with my calibration as I realised that kissing her would’ve burst the seductive bubble and would lead to LMR, so I delayed it till we got home. (This was before I had built into my date system the stage of guiding her to make the decision that she wants to fuck me whilst we are still in the date venue so as to remove any LMR when we arrived in my room). Her body language was floppy and easily leaned into mine on the date, and was we walked back to my place we were mutually holding hands. (By this I meant she was caressing my hands in return, as per 60 Years of Challenge’s advice which I wrote about in more detail here).

On my bed, she put up some verbal token resistance to my kiss attempt, but it was easy to persist through it. She had clearly already made her mind up early on that she wanted to sleep with me. She was rather sexually inexperienced as I expected, coming from the Middle East, so we took it slow. Had to tease her quite a bit, which is always very fun. 😉

Do I include details of sex in the lay report? Whatever. The sex wasn’t particularly adventurous or crazy, but it was fun in that she wanted to be dominated physically, so there was a lot of hairpulling, ass & boob slapping. She’s only 5’1 so it was easy to toss her around the bed a little 😉 She also has nice C cup tits, which were great lovehandles. She wasn’t a virgin per se, although this was the first time she had proper sex without having to stop because it hurt. Plus points to me for teasing her a lot during foreplay.

Although she never told me explicitly, it was clear that she was predisposed to liking Asian men as she watches a lot of anime. 😛

So, it wasn’t a street-to-bed, but definitely a new experience having met a girl and then sleeping with her around 4 hours later on the same day.

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