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Clarity of Intent?

Asian Daygame. Clarity of Intent.

It’s somewhat cliche to hear that every girl you approach should make you feel aroused. The idea here, according to the more esoterically focused, is to create a masculine-feminine polarity to your interaction. It is a valid idea, and a good aim.

However, the real pivotal concept is to ensure that the correct non-verbal or sub-communication is projected by you so that she knows that you have approached her because you are sexually interested in her.

“Don’t hide your dick.” – Tom Torero.

This saves both you and her tons of time. And time is valuable.

To do so effectively, you need to be clear with yourself that you are speaking to this girl because you want to fuck her.

Not because you like her outfit, not because you want a girlfriend, not because you want her to share in your interest in old films, and certainly NOT because you want her affection.

All the above are beautiful and rewarding things, but they can only properly occur once a primal, visceral sexual relationship is first established. It is only after sex that we can truthfully discover for ourselves what we want from her, and vice versa.

Just as clothes are removed and both your and her bodies are bared naked before sex ensues, so are both your personalities and characteristics revealed to each other in the moments, days, weeks, and months after sex occurs. It is only then that you can more accurately determine how and whether she fits into your life.

This is the real-world, infield application of the old concept of Clarity of Intent, made popular by Real Social Dynamics (RSD). Instead of trying to “project your intent” outwards i.e. onto the girl to create a sexually polarised interaction and potentially risk miscalibration, one should instead turn the focus inwards and be clear in one’s own mind that sex is the first and foremost objective of the interaction, and not the naïve desire for her affection before sex has even occurred.

What I have alluded to above takes root in the timeless dilemma afflicting so many men, and is possibly the root cause of every single episode of oneitis: The Madonna-Whore Complex.

However, every (non-broken) girl has the potential to be a sex-crazed freak (re: Whore) and a sweet, loving, caring companion (re: Madonna). The reality which many men find hard to accept – unless you have been applying Red Pill knowledge to your game – is that the same girl can be both, and that she can be both with him specifically.

What determines whether she is either Madonna or Whore or both are numerous factors, which have been described by many eminent gamers before me and are based on the Life History theory, which originated from the field of evolutionary ecology.

There can be no 100% guarantee, but your chances of making her your affectionate and adoring baby girl become significantly greater if you give her some raw, uninhibited, animalistic fucking.

Sex first, everything else later.

“Girls only cuddle with guys who fuck them senseless.” –  60 Years of Challenge.

This is because women are evolutionarily hardwired to select for mates who perform sex roughly. The science behind this is certainly inflammatory, and will certainly draw fire from the sanitised, politically-correct majority.

However, if one is interested in reading deeper into the subject, Sperm Wars by Robin Baker and The Evolution of Desire by David Buss are what I recommend. For the application and integration of these concepts in daygame, Below The Belt by Tom Torero and the memoirs of Nick Krauser paint a good picture of how women enjoy immense pleasure from rough, dominant, wanton sex.

Despite saying that one should be clear in one’s own mind that sex is the primary objective of approaching her, this does not equate to focusing on how you feel or your “state” over practicing daygame as a skillset.

Instead, sex as the primary objective of approaching her should underpin your behaviours in set, and thus direct you to paying attention to and rigorously practicing the steps and actions i.e. skills which create arousal and attraction in her e.g. holding eye contact until the Sexual/Attraction Hook Point, teasing and messing with her cheekily, closing the distance etc.

On a final note, I want to remind readers that women enjoy sex as much as (if not more than) men do, but are themselves constrained by the double-standards of a feminist (or in Asia, traditionalist) society. Therefore, I hope that I have conveyed in this piece that performing r-selected daygame – daygame which is sexy, enticing & exciting because it is covert, almost clandestine – is of immense enjoyment and benefit to both ourselves and the women we interact with.

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