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Update + Guest Post by Brown Daygamer – His First Daygame Lay

Asian Daygame. Update + Guest Post by Brown Daygamer – His First Daygame Lay

I have figured out the solution to my lack of time to write blog posts – get others to write them for me!

Joking aside, firstly I’m caught between trying to fit in some (day)game, and a whole lot of career-related stuff e.g. work, study.

But stay tuned, I have a backlog of bullet-pointed lay reports to write in full, and a bunch from previous forums to adapt for this blog. My time should free up again in April 2020, where my focus will shift towards daygame and writing.

Secondly, Brown Daygamer, an American daygamer whom I connected with on Twitter & whose Twitter account is @BDaygamer, has just achieved a key milestone on his daygame journey: his first ever daygame lay.🤘🏼

Now, as he does not have his own blog, it was suggested by SevenDaygame that he write a guest post on mine.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I am honoured have the opportunity to provide the platform to celebrate this milestone of a fellow Asian daygamer.

What is especially nice about this report is that it gives a look into daygame across the pond in the USA, specifically New York City, which certainly rivals London as the centre of the world and possibly daygame.

On a personal note, as I have never daygamed outside of Europe & Asia, I enjoyed reading about daygame in NYC.

Lastly, I gave Brown Daygamer one condition: include all the dirty details in his lay report.

And boy did he make it a steamy one. 😉

Therefore, for your reading pleasure, here is Brown Daygamer’s first ever daygame lay:

My First Lay from Daygame

by Brown Daygamer

I took a half day trip to NYC with a wing to practice my approaches since I wasn’t getting good results in my hometown, which is 1.5 hours away from NYC. My town doesn’t have high volume street traffic so I mostly approach in the shopping malls and grocery stores. I try to go out 2-3 times a week but due to small town, the volume of girls is not that great. I manage to do 10-15 sets per week. So I wanted to visit a big city and try gaming on the street full of tourists and more open minded girls, to see how my game is. At this point, I am still a beginner and started learning about game 8 months ago from Tom Torero’s material. I managed to listen to all of his 200 podcasts and couple of his youtube videos before he took it down. I found London Daygame Model (LDM) to be most suitable for my current lifestyle. So far, I have done close to 150 approaches, around 120 of those were in the malls and grocery stores in my hometown. I had around 15 number closes and 2 first dates, of which 1 date ended up in a makeout but no lays until this trip to NYC. This was the first day game session in NYC that I did entirely on the street.

It was a nice cold Sunday of February in NYC. Me and my wing took the train to NYC and reached there around noon. My goal of the day was to go on an instant date since I haven’t done that yet in my daygame journey (I eventually did get an instant date with a girl from Colombia that day, but that will require another piece of writing). We first started gaming in lower Manhattan and Washington Square Park (WSP). Approached few girls and got some initial rejections and few number closes. We did around 2 hours of approaches in the afternoon and took some rest to have lunch and warm ourselves from the cold outside. At this point, we wanted to go try gaming in SOHO area, where there are many high end shops amd full of tourists. We headed straight to SoHO after lunch and streets were packed. Mostly girls were in the groups of 3 or 4, we barely saw any single or 2 sets. We were there for 30 mins and headed back up north to Union square park. WSP was on our way to union square park so we decided to pass by to see if there were ant good sets. This was last part of our day and We wanted to make most of it as it was about to get dark outside in another 2 hours.

We were standing in the middle of WSP looking for some sets and this girl walked past us. She looked at me and smiled as she walked by us, my wing told me she just gave you IOI, you have to go approach. So I went and opened her. Immediately she was smiling and admitted that yes she did check me out. I continue the conversation and pushed for instant date but she politely denied saying she is meeting someone right now but she is free that night to hangout. But since I live 1.5 hr away from NYC, I had to come back to my town that evening. So I took her number instead. I sent her a text on my way back from NYC and she replied that night. She was super on during texting so after 3-4 texts back and forth, I set up a date for next day afternoon. I had off from work since it was president day here in USA.

We decided to meet at a coffee shop in her town in NY at 1:30 pm. I already grabbed a condom from home and put it in my inside pocket of my jacket, hoping to pull to her place. I followed the usual first date model from Tom Torero’s videos. I found out that she is a psycotherapist and works few blocks away from the coffee place we were at. I tried to seed the pull back to her apartment by asking who does she lives with and how far. She said she lives alone but in a very conservative neighborhood and enjoys NYC due to its party scene and just the care free life in the city. I pitched for a drink at 2nd venue 2 mins away. She said she is about to see some patients later today so can’t drink. She is a psychotherapist and has her own office to see her patients there. My logistics aren’t great so I can’t bring her back to my place (1 hour away) and she lives in a conservative neighborhood so she didn’t want to go back to her place.

So I pushed to go back to her office and chill there since her next patient appointment was at 5 PM. This idea of going back to her office just came to my mind out of nowhere. We walked to her office, she told the security guys that he is with me. She had her own nice office with couches, tables, tissues papers, snacks for the patients she sees. I entered the office after her and closed the door. We sat next to each other on the couch. I started escalating 10 mins later and she was on. I Kissed her and started playing with her hair while making out, eventually putting my hands to her lower back. She had a nice tight top and a skirt with black stockings on. I started moving my hands to her throat and down to her tits. She was breathing heavy and got on top of me as we were sitting on the couch. I put my hand under her skirt to grab her ass with both my hands. I tried to pull down her stockings and She started giving some LMR so i chilled out as we kissed. She said I usually don’t do this and specially not at my work, I just met you yesterday and don’t know anything about you. So I knew I needed to build more comfort. I said that’s the best part of this, look how adventurous this is, living in the world’s biggest city, meeting a stranger and now we are here at your office making out. She agreed with me and we talked more about her work and what kind of patients she sees. I tried escalating again after few mins, I put my hands under her top to grab her tits and boy there were handful and natural. I started removing her top and kissing her neck and tits. That was the point she said you are making me horny.

At this point we were still on the couch, she was on top as I was grabbing and sucking on her tits. I asked her to remove her skirt and stockings. She compiled but she kept her panties on, again some LMR. I started kissing her and put my hand under her panty and started fingering her. She was turned on by this and after few mins she said I want you to finger my pussy while you suck hard on my tits. So I removed her panties and put her down on the floor on her back and laid down next to her. It seemed as she got more horny she was liking it more rough. I started biting her nipples and put my 2 fingers in her pussy. After fingering her for few mins she grabbed my dick asked if I brought a condom. I gave her a cheeky smile and said I am always prepared. She smiled back and got on top of me. I had to put my hand on her mouth so we don’t make any noise that can go outside of her office. I was about to cum after 3-4 mins so I told her to get off and made out for few mins. We went near the couch and i told her to bend over putting her 2 hands on the couch as I entered her through behind in a doggy style. That moment I couldn’t hold back, seeing her bending over on a couch in her own office. I wanted to last longer but couldn’t. So I shot my load in condom and she cleaned up. We both put our clothes back on and pretended to be good professionals again and talked for few mins. She said she got out of serious relationship 5 months ago and no just exploring options. She usually meets guys on Tinder or social circle. She is been with total of 6 guys and I was the first who approached her on the street.

And this is how I got my FIRST daygame lay with a girl in NYC.