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Lay Report – Teenage Dream To Teenage Scream

Asian Daygame. Lay Report-Teenage Dream To Teenage Scream
She looks a lot more like this German actress than Sansa Stark

This is one from before the start of this blog.

I had initially half-written this lay report with the rest still in bullet points, but never got round to publishing it anywhere. So lucky you for getting the exclusive.

However, this is not one for the kids; reader discretion is advised.

It was a cold, dark evening in mid November 2018, in my small city in the UK.

The Christmas lights were on, making the shopping mall look dazzlingly beautiful, and the seasonal mood was just getting into full swing.

I had initially seen a tall-ish girl in an oversized puffy white coat and Timberland boots sauntering around the shopping mall aimlessly as I was heading into a few approaches. I didn’t approach her earlier on in my daygame session as I lost sight of her after my sets were done, but luckily the mall and the surrounding daygame area is pretty small.

During a lull in approaching, she turned the corner and walked directly towards me. I let her walk past in old school daygame fashion, then turned around and walked up to her to speak to her.

Tanya had milky white skin, and with her auburn hair tied back in a ponytail to emphasise some softly prominent cheekbones, she reminded me a bit of Sansa Stark (I have since come across a German actress whom she resembles much more – see the picture above).

She was around my height – 5’7 – which I think is quite tall for a girl.

I found her really fucking cute.

She was slightly startled as I opened, but soon settled and was curious as to what was happening.

I told her she looked like the Michelin man with the big puffy white coat, which made me think she was American.

She was really a typical middle class English girl who lived in a town a bus ride away from my city.

I teased her about being a farm girl and a horse whisperer, which she took quite well, if a bit quietly.

Tanya was 18.

Throughout the set, she was not the most giggly or bubbly, but she was responding positively and contributing to the conversation with some wit. She looked very physically comfortable and still very curious as to the whole thing, so I took it as her liking me.

I took her number, and sent her the first text a few hours later as I was sitting in a sushi bar with my wing Daddy Figure waiting for two Israeli girls to show up for a double date. She replied 15 minutes after my first text. After some consistent back-and-forth, I set up a date for four days later.

(Correction: In the initial version of this post, I stated that the screenshot below was from the day before I was meant to meet Tanya. This was incorrect, which I found out as I went through the screenshots for the field report about the Israeli girls. In the interest of accuracy & transparency, I have now added all the screenshots of the text exchange between Tanya & myself at the end of the post.)

The day before our date, I received a double text from Tanya saying she couldn’t make it tomorrow, and if it was “okay if we arrange another day like Friday, Saturday or during this week? Even like Wednesday or Thursday?”

Her double texting and giving multiple alternative days was a big green light. I said we’d meet on Tuesday instead, which she agreed to.

You can see a screenshot of the text exchange below.

Asian Daygame. Lay Report-Teenage Dream To Teenage Scream - text screenshot

Despite the above, waiting for her to give overtly positive signals i.e. green lights before moving the interaction forward is a waste of time; girls rarely do this for fear of seeming easy – even if it does sometimes happen.
Instead, if she is simply non-reactive or passively accepting your escalation i.e. amber lights, press on.
And logically, if she is preventing or even evading your escalation i.e. red lights, take a step back and recalibrate.
“Expert players escalate on amber lights.” – Nick Krauser in Daygame Mastery.
On the night itself, she texted saying she would be 20 minutes late, to which I responded with the classic, “You’re buying first drinks then ;)”.

She also told me that she’d have to be home by 9pm. Little did I know that this small detail would contribute towards making this a memorable night…for more reasons than one.

Tanya turned up wearing a big puffy yellow coat this time, but with the familiar Timberlands.

We went to my usual first date bar in the centre of the old city.

As she took off her coat, she revealed a slender figure hugged tightly by an all-black outfit – long sleeved top and tights.

The conversation was very normal, although at one point I was impressed by Tanya’s understanding of the meaning of the word “juxtaposition” when I said it.

She worked in a castle-now-turned-fancy-hotel a few days a week, and I role played that I could book a night there so we could have a secret rendezvous as she brought me room service. She grinned cheekily at this suggestion and said it would be a good idea.

She was very sweet, but I could sense some insecurity in her, not just because she was a bit nervous, which again I found really cute. However, I wasn’t fooled by her sweet demeanour.

I got her to sit next to me after awhile, and we began exchanging stories about our sex lives. She said she had fucked ten guys in total (or so she said), and that she would usually call them over to her parents’ house (where she currently lived) when no one else was home. What a naughty girl.

She mentioned that the last time she had sex was a year ago.

As a pleasant surprise, she also said she found herself sexually attracted to girls, although she had never done more than make out with one. If you’re wondering, yes, I asked her. Ask and ye shall receive.

This was important info to me as I was (and am still) trying to set up a threesome after having twice come close before one of the girls – two different ones on separate occasions – abruptly got up and left. I have sadly still not succeeded in setting up a threesome.

A short while later, I pulled her in and we made out.

The bar got noisier, so we bounced to venue two. It was now 8pm. I knew I had to either make things happen fast, or seed things for another date.

As I grabbed her hand, she began caressing mine. I escalated a bit more, pulling her hair as we made out again, rubbing her inner thighs. She seemed on.

What I did next is certainly not advisable, but I gambled on making things happen fast. Dirtily fast.

I broke away from the make-out and said to her with unmistakable mischief in my voice, “Let’s do something crazy.”

“What do you have in mind?” she said.

“I’m gonna take you into the disabled bathroom here and fuck you,” I replied. Direct as they come.

I stood up and took her by the hand, and she followed.

Halfway down the stairs, I changed my mind halfway as I didn’t actually fancy fucking her in a toilet when I lived a few minutes away.

The toilets were on our right, and the entrance straight ahead, both at the bottom of the stairs. I walked her straight out of the bar as I said, “I changed my mind, I live five minutes away.” (Textbook game would be to say that I wanted to show her the view from my place or some other innocuous reason, but I had already laid my cards out on the table – which is normally high risk).

She replied with a simple, “Ok”, and followed along. All was going well so far.

As we got into my room, we looked at the view for a bit, before we began making out again.

As I took her top off, she said, “I’m on my period, and I haven’t shaved in a few days.” She seemed genuinely self-conscious. Again, so cute!

“It’s ok, I’ll lay down a towel. And I don’t mind that you’re not shaved,” I responded.

She was fine after that, and our clothes came off. Her tits were quite small, but she was as slender as her tight-fitting outfit hinted at, no extra fat anywhere (quite rare for a British girl).

I laid her down on the bed, and teased her clit with my dick to get myself fully hard.

She threw her slender arms above her head in abandonment, and began gasping and moaning softly. Her eyes were closed and her face looking like she was in the agonising state of being so close to pleasure. She was biting her lip.

As her breathing – and my dick – got harder, she whispered heavily, “Put it in me, I need it.”

I rolled on the condom, and teased her some more.

“Please, put it in me!” she gasped with urgency.

“What do you want baby?” I asked her.

“I want you to fuck me. Please, I need it!” she said.

“Good girl,” I said as I slid my dick inside her.

As I did this, she let out the most violent scream I have ever heard – I am used to girls being very loud during sex, but I was not expecting such ear-splitting levels of ferocity.

She clawed above her head at the bedsheets, and screamed even louder as I fucked her even faster, screaming “Yes, Daddy!” as I did so.

I knew she had lost herself; she was completely unrestrained.

Her screams were frenzied and primal.

They came from someplace deep, someplace untamed, as she allowed herself to be completely consumed by the sex.

I slapped her, choked her. She screamed and screamed and screamed.

I remember for a moment being surprised as although her pussy felt tight, I didn’t feel like it was so exceptionally tight to cause her to scream so intensely.

I took a break from her wild screaming as I dragged her around so her head lay off the edge of my bed, then started fucking her face upside down. Her whole neck and chest was flushed red, which many pale-skinned girls seem to have when they are turned on or getting fucked – I find this extremely arousing.

Things got even more sordid. I took my dick out of her mouth, bent over to rub and slap her clit, and she started rimming me furiously (look up rimjob if you don’t know what that is, you nun).

As I turned her over to fuck her from behind, I realised she was bleeding onto the towel due to her period. Thankfully, my fingers were not cover in period blood – that would have been way too much; beyond my limit of depravity.

I pulled her onto her feet and bent her over the bed.

I began fingering her ass. After awhile, I shoved my dick inside it.

I didn’t think she could scream any louder, but she did. She sounded like a raging, berserk animal.

Now this is a moment I will never forget: Tanya screamed so savagely as I fucked her in the ass that night that I swear that I saw the light hanging from my ceiling start swinging. It, and she, was mental.

The neighbours probably thought I was murdering someone.

After having fucked her enough (and by now gotten tired of the shrieking), I sat down on my armchair as she knelt in front of me and starting sucking my dick while she rubbed herself.

I came in her mouth. She swallowed. She came too by rubbing her clit.

She lay resting her head on my thigh in post-coital exhaustion, still kneeling in front of me. I asked her, “Have you ever had sex like that before?” She said she hadn’t, and said that this was a night of firsts for her.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Well,” she replied, “First time giving a blowjob, first time getting choked and slapped, first time licking a guy’s ass, first time doggystyle, first time having sex on my period, and first time doing anal.” She listed these whilst counting each one off her fingers, looking quite thoughtful as she did so. So adorable, and so filthy.

As she went to my bathroom to clean up, I looked at the time. It was 10pm.

After I had gotten dressed, right on cue her phone started buzzing.

It was a text from her dad.

Tanya came out of the bathroom, got dressed, and did what I thought was a bad move: she called him. Even worse, she put the call on speaker phone.

On the line were both her mum and dad. They asked her where she was, and she lied, saying she was with some friend (apparently she picked that friend because her parents thought she was a bad influence on their little girl. If only they knew).

Her parents fucking exploded at her! They were infuriated – screaming profanities, being extremely insulting, and basically ripping into her. I felt really bad; to me this was borderline abusive.

The worst part was that it was on speaker phone, so I heard everything. Poor girl. In all honesty, I felt really embarrassed too.

The abuse carried on for quite a bit, then they asked her where she was. I panicked slightly, hoping she wouldn’t get me involved. Luckily, she said she was at a bar.

Her parents then said her dad would pick her up from McDonald’s in 15 minutes, then hung up.

We looked at each other, and she said, “I should get going then.”

“Yup,” I said, and walked her out into the night.

I was worried that her parents would bring about repercussions for me since they were so incensed, so I texted Ian (of Torero’s podcasts) & Alex Forrest explaining to them the situation. Each of them replied with the same thing, saying that there was no problem since she was over 16 (which is the age of consent in the UK), and the sex was consensual.

Even so, with the MeToo outrage being central in the media coverage at the time, I was still worried about her lying to her parents about the consent, to which Ian replied, “I doubt she will want to tell them that she was gobbling cock and taking it in the ass.”

Ian was right, and that was that.

Sadly, I never heard from Tanya again after that night. I figured this was due to three possibilities:

1) The sex being shit (unlikely)

2) The last emotion(s) she associated with me were embarrassment and negativity, which led her to rationalising that seeing me again was a bad idea.

3) She was just horny or ovulating or both, and just wanted to get laid without any intention of following up. Essentially, I got used for sex.

I think it’s two and three.

In hindsight, Tanya was certainly a Yes Girl. From her aimless stroll around the shopping mall that day after catching the bus into the city to her texts saying she was essentially free all week (something we daygamers are wise enough not to do), it was clear she was looking for trouble or excitement – of which she found both.

Moreover, despite her sweetness and slightly insecure nature, she was very forthcoming about sex and sexuality on the date, and was totally compliant throughout. She wasn’t just a Yes Girl, she was a DTF girl. All I had to do was not fuck it up, or as my friend Swiss Roller would say, “Have an absence of negative skill.”

Sex with Tanya was awesome and extreme, yet bizarre.

I have not had a girl scream like that before or since.

If this story shows anything, it is that sweet eighteen year olds without much experience can be the most degenerate. So when you meet one, make it the sex of your lives.

Even if it is for one night only.

Text Screenshots

To be read from left to right.

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  1. I had a similar experience with this small Japanese college student who was also a yes-girl. It really opens your eyes to the possibilities out there!

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