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10 Questions With Thomas Crown PUA

Asian Daygame. 10 Questions With Thomas Crown PUA

I am pleased to bring you a special post.

Thomas Crown PUA and I have been bouncing ideas between ourselves for some time, and his ideas regarding daygame are progressive and dynamic. If you are a reader of his blog, you will know this yourself to be true.

I also found his book Demolition Lovers to be enjoyable and illuminating – a daygame memoir of the highest quality.

In this post, Crown has a significant message specifically for Asian daygamers – one to truly be mindful of.

He also shares incisive thoughts in answer to my questions, including how to place yourself in the best position to achieve consistent daygame results, how to become more r-selected, and how introversion vs extroversion will influence one’s daygame.

I have briefly added my own thoughts in italics.

An exciting piece.

Here it is:

10 Questions with Thomas Crown PUA


First of all, I’d like to thank you for sending these questions over. I had fun answering them and hopefully your readers will find them helpful. They actually gave me some great ideas for full length posts in and of themselves. I know I could ramble on for a long time on each of these questions and so I told myself to write down three bullet points for each one and work from there in order to keep it succinct and practical. Enjoy.

1. The information to become good at daygame is already out there, oftentimes even for free. Yet the dropout rate in daygame is so high. Why do you think this is, despite all the available information?

I think the first thing to point out is that information doesn’t equal ease. Otherwise all the armchair PUAs wouldn’t exist because they’d be practicing the damn stuff. The same goes for any kind of difficult activity: I can know a lot about tennis including the correct spin to play or lots of individual stats, but I might never be good at it because I never pushed myself to be so.

Daygame is one of these difficult things to do because of the rejection. It keeps on punching you in the face and you have to get right back up and carry on going. That means that people to whom rejection is like water off a duck’s back take to Daygame well, but the amount of people like that in this world are few. Not only that, but they have to have had the correct series of events in their life lead them to Daygame. (And by this, I understand it as having such great pain and/or desire to achieve success with women that it outweighs and pushes you beyond the pain of rejection).

2. Following on from that, what would you advise beginners to do in order to develop perseverance & ultimately achieve consistency in their results?

If you’re a complete beginner then my advice is to ease yourself into it. Build a habit by increasing your activity slowly and consistently. Go out and do three sets every other day. Then after a week increase that to five sets. Then seven and finally up to ten. That’s actually a lot of sets: 70 every two weeks. To be honest you’ll probably be doing more like seven to ten in that final chunk but do that for four weeks and you’ll be fast approaching your first 100 sets (if you follow that schedule exactly you’ll do between 76 and 85 sets in four weeks). Remind yourself of the fact that these sets are designed to reduce your AA to manageable levels; that means that quick compliments (“hit and runs”) count as sets. You can even give yourself permission to give a compliment and eject immediately if she doesn’t react well. The overarching aim of doing this is to get you into the groove of approaching.

While you’re doing your sets you want to keep stats on your phone and update them after each set. I tended to keep a note on my phone during the session detailing the number of sets I’d done and whether there was a number or social media close then I’d update my spreadsheet when I got home. Keep stats on your approaches, numbers/social media (SM), dates and (possibly) lays. Track in 200 approach chunks and calculate simple ratios like approach to number/SM, number/SM to date, date to lay and approach to lay. Then you can see how you’re improving over each 200 approach chunk and see where your sticking points are. (If you live in a smaller city of less than one million inhabitants like myself, you will be doing less than Crown’s recommended number of sets. Therefore, it is paramount that you reflect on your experience in each set in writing after each daygame session.)

You can base your method for those approaches on the two good beginner Daygame videos: one is available on Tom Torero’s YouTube channel and the other is via Nick Krauser’s website if you go to his recent “Introduction to Daygame” post and click the link. I’d then recommend reading Daygame Nitro also by Nick Krauser.

You also have to read the Mystery Method. It’s so important that it’s getting its own paragraph. (This is no exaggeration. Mystery Method is the foundation of everything you will learn in seduction & relationships – like how math is to physics, and physics to engineering.)

Note: I’m advising what an absolute beginner should do here and so I’ve recommended Daygame Nitro over Daygame Mastery because it gives better advice for beginners. In the Mastery vs Street Hustle (by Tom Torero) debate it makes more consumer sense to get Mastery because the paperback version is half the price and longer (I’ve not read the updated Mastery textbook and so can’t comment on whether the additional content is worth it). I’ve read both and I prefer the content in Mastery but save it for a little ways down the road when you’ve done more sets.

2nd note: If you’re a bit further along in your Daygame journey then you could follow the advice but with a few more sets but no more than 10 sets per session for a weekday and no more than 15-20 for a weekend day.

I was also going to recommend watching the entirety of Tom Torero’s YouTube channel until I remembered it’s now behind a paywall. I had the benefit of consuming it all for free on YouTube but you can’t take that opportunity now and so I’m not in the best place to say whether to pay the $99 or not. It will probably be helpful, though, even though you do have to pay. Another great piece of video content is Krauser’s Black Book (very underrated in my opinion) which takes you through the whole Daygame model in more detail.

(If you are looking for book(s) which chart the daygame journey from beginner to decent success, I cannot recommend Death By A Thousand Sluts 1 & 2 by Bodipua highly enough. Sharply insightful with significant lessons, and so funny I fell off my bed multiple times while reading them. Hero’s journey, tragedy and comedy all in one.

Krauser’s memoirs are also an excellent accompaniment to his textbooks – the application of the concepts are demonstrated in his stories.)

3. What do you believe is the ideal balance between “How To” knowledge e.g. the London Daygame Model (LDM) vs “Theoretical Framework” knowledge e.g. The Red Pill or evolutionary psychology?

I don’t think there’s an ideal balance to be achieved here. I’d say go into both stores of knowledge to get the information that you need – in this case there’s a minimum amount of reading you should do – and then apart from that read what you find interesting.

From the how-to category I’d recommend The Mystery Method, Nitro and Mastery and from the theoretical side I’d recommend the first Rational Male book. Make sure you read those as a minimum. Then after that I have a list of recommended reading on my website and I’d say to read the books from the classics and biology/physiology sections. Those are there to read if you find the premises interesting.

If the question is really what is the ideal balance between studying and taking action: if you make it through the first 1000 sets then read and consume whatever the hell you want to. Read to your heart’s content. If you sour your own vibe by reading too much or the wrong thing then that’s your own problem to address. If you’ve done less than 1000 sets then prioritise reaching 1000 sets but don’t do more than 30 sets a week after that first month when you’re purely trying to reduce your AA. The four books set out an required reading plus the recommended reading on my website should easily be enough to cover that period.

4. We have both come across The Approach Junkie/Machine – the neurotic daygamer who has a compulsion to do endless numbers of sets. Do you think this is a good practice in essence? What would you suggest?

There are arguments that go in both ways but I’d say yes: it’s beneficial to build an obsession and compulsion with things you want to be better at. Especially if that thing is hard to do because you can overcome the difficulty with brute force.

The condition is simple: just don’t be a spammer. How do you avoid that? Here’s some simple ground rules: no more than 10 sets every two hours; no more than 10 sets on a weekday; no more than 20 sets per day on a weekend; you must be moving continually i.e. you can’t open in the same area all the time (fishing aside); no more than 30 sets a week. You might have seen the 50 sets a week figure bandied around before but I think it’s been said to encourage beginners to simply do more sets. When I say 30, I actually mean 30. (If in a smaller city, also ensure you don’t reuse the same lines and assumptions stacks. Develop your ability to flirt by being cheekily creative.)

When I was in my first year I’d normally do two to three hour sessions and do ten sets: often six in the first hour and then the remainder over the next one or two hours. The rate of approaching would slow massively after the first hour as I became tired and the initial rush of endorphins wore off. Ironically I’d do less sets when out with a wing because we would be sharing the sets and talking to each other a lot.

Then how do you end this obsessive compulsive period? You’ll feel it inside yourself. You’ll start feeling guilty for not going out. Note that you should not be ending this period before 1000 sets. For me this came at the beginning of my second full year of Daygame (2018) where I’d noticed that my sets per session were decreasing over time. From ten to eight and down to six sets sometimes. That was when I went from a more compulsive approach to a targeted one.

5. You have written about introversion vs extroversion and how it affects one’s style of daygame here. Taking into account the zeitgeist/tone of today, how does either match up with a girl’s own predisposition towards introversion or extroversion?

If I had to theorise I’d say that extroverts would win out in today’s environment because there’s so much more to grab your attention. The thing is, I think this was always the case. Extroverts will by nature be more successful with women because they approach more. What’s changed recently in the Daygame community is that more extroverts are joining the scene and we’re seeing what they can do. To take that, or the tone of today, as an excuse to not do Game is just weak. Things were always this way you just didn’t realise it.

Now to whether introverts and extroverts can match up: of course they can! Remember that value (i.e. SMV) is king and not whether you match how outgoing they are. We’re also talking r-selection here; matching whether you’re an introvert or extrovert is not as important as for a long term relationship.

Given that introverts and extroverts can mix I’d absolutely recommend against changing up your style. I’ve tried it before and it just tired me out. I sit in the middle of the spectrum like most people and pursuing a highly extroverted style was exhausting. On the flip side a hugely extroverted guy will find something missing from the “do your sets, collect numbers, go on dates, venue one, venue two, etc…” model. To cut a long story short: when it comes to introversion and extroversion, don’t try to be something you’re not.

6. In daygame, I see the application of the 80/20 Principle, also known as the Pareto Principle, where 80% of results come from a specific 20% of actions taken. Do you see this yourself? What do you think are two things which, if emphasised or focused upon, can increase a daygamer’s number/frequency of lays per the 80/20 Principle?

I do see this myself because I think that this is a universal principle. People like to attribute their success to the bells and whistles because it’s easier. The 20% of things that lead to results are hard but not necessarily complicated. It’s easier for someone to say “I lost weight because I drank beet juice every day” rather than simply “because I stuck to a calorie deficit.” When you focus on what is difficult, you focus on the 20%.

Here are two things I think make up that 20%:

Logistics. Take the same guy and put him somewhere where girls will come to meet him for dates and his chances of getting laid increase astronomically. It doesn’t even have to be slapbang in the centre of town as if you were going to open the set then walk them directly to your doorstep. Just somewhere with good transport links where a girl will come and meet you for a first date. Now this goes beyond the practical aspects of a shorter distance to your flat from the place you meet her. It goes into your mindset throughout the entire process because it makes sex a possibility with every date; you always have the option to present sex to her via your front door. (It goes without saying the best logistics are where you are minutes away from both the daygame area & the date venues. This is one of the benefits of living in a smaller city. Additionally, same day lays become more of a probability with these ideal logistics.)

Your looks. If you’re not 15% bodyfat or less right now then you must get into a calorie deficit today. You should also be lifting weights to increase your muscle mass. Looks are so important. So important. If you ignore them because “looks don’t matter” or perhaps you wish they didn’t matter then you are leaving lays on the table. I’ve Daygamed at many different bodyfat percentages (between roughly 12 and 21 percent) because of my fluctuating weight (bulking and cutting cycles which I shouldn’t have been doing) and I can assure you that the reactions I got at the lower end of bodyfat percentages were better, even if I control for my increase in skill over time. (I would add fashion & style to this category. Dress like a guy who gets laid – it doesn’t just have to be boots & leather jacket. Find your style. A worthy post for the future).

7. Much has been said about r/K selection, and that we should aim to become more r-selected in our daygame to become “Her Dirty Secret” or “The Consequence-free Adventure Sex Guy.” How would you work on becoming this guy in practice?

I gave two good methods above: improve your logistics and improve your looks.

SMV is king so let’s focus on that second point. Your SMV is roughly made up of your looks, charisma and status. Status is more geared for K-selection so let’s ignore that for the sake of this argument. Looks are primarily geared for r-selected Daygame and so you should maximise them to maximise your “r-value”. A higher value man gets laid more and with hotter girls. The reason why this is good advice and not just telling you to suck eggs (“be more good looking, thanks TC! Hmmmpf…”) is because most guys are overweight and/or have no visible muscle.

My next recommendation: just move faster. In the spirit of Coach Greg: how fast? Faster than last time! Do quicker sets, date request after fewer texts, escalate faster on dates, etc. Once you find the sweet spot then stop going faster. It’s simple (but not necessarily easy).

(“Escalation is attractive.” – 60 Years of Challenge in Fearless Relentless Escalation. Another piece of necessary reading all his four mini-ebooks are.)

8. As a migrant to an Anglophone country i.e. the UK, I have my own observations of this. From your perspective of growing up here, what is the overarching perception of Asian guys, both Southern or Eastern (brown or yellow), in terms of attractiveness, sex & relationships in this society?

I’m not going to mince words here:

If you’re aiming to do r-selected Daygame then unfortunately for you the perceptions will work against you. Asian guys are assumed to be shorter, less attractive, more boring, more submissive, more creepy, dirty, unhygienic, etc. (I enjoy being dirty – see my lay reports.) All in all they’re considered less attractive. Whether this is true for you as an individual or not it’s the perception that people have. The truth is that Asians rank low on average SMV scales and will face battles which a white guy wouldn’t.

Now, is that an excuse to quit? Of course not! Don’t be such a pussy! Everyone faces adversity in their life whether they’re white, black, brown, yellow, rich, poor, etc.


Saying this, I personally know a fuckton of girls here who are singularly attracted to brown Asian guys e.g. Indian, Pakistani, Arab etc. But these guys they date & fuck have one thing in common: they have high SMV.

The girls who like brown Asian guys will never fuck physically unfit, insecure, approval-seeking Dinesh who still gets dressed by his mum.

You will always find girls for whom you are their ideal guy. Always.

Many girls have yellow-fever too – you can read about it here.

But don’t confuse what these are in the Anglosphere: they are exceptions that prove the rule.)

9. I know you have encountered aspiring Asian daygamers before. What would be your message to Asian guys who want to get good at daygame and/or have fulfilling sex lives & relationships? Should they do anything different than non-Asian daygamers?

This leads on from my previous answer. Asian Daygamers need to realise we’re all running the same race, just that some people start closer to the finishing line. Asian Daygamers don’t need to do anything differently but they will need to work harder to achieve the same results. They will need to analyse themselves with a harsher light and more often to boot. They’ll also need to improve their SMV more. In particular they need to be harsh on themselves but not fall into any complexes. The kind of “woe-is-me-I’m-not-white” stuff. In the immortal words of Detective John Kimball: “stop whining!”

But if I had to specify one piece of advice for aspiring Asian Daygamers it would be to use your brain more. Just because corporations have outsourced their call centres and factories to your countries doesn’t mean you should outsource your brain to a “guru.” (Haha!) If you have a question then try and answer it for yourself first, then if you can’t answer, pose it to someone else and let them know what you’ve thought of already. I say this specifically for Asians (though everyone does it at one point or another) because the Asian schooling system prioritises memorisation over creative thinking. This leads to someone being the eternal question asker: “if X then what? If Y then what? Etc.” Practise thinking for yourself.

Now, my advice to any new Daygamer is to set yourself some reasonable goals and build on them over time To begin with, on your very first day, it might be to do your first set. Then it might be 100 sets, then 1000 sets, or your first lay, then to get five and then ten lays. Build progressively until you think you’ve reached your potential. For some guys that’s models and bottles, for others it’s wifing a five where only one of the three kids are yours.

I do this kind of goal setting myself. Right now my goal is to get 100 lifetime lays. Then after that I’d like to reach 100 Daygame lays. If I’m still interested in lay targets at that point and hadn’t reached it already maybe I’ll say reach 30 lays with eights. Maybe I’ll just say “I’ve completed Daygame now” and focus on something else. Who knows.

10. What are your main areas of focus currently in daygame & seduction, and how do you see yourself moving forward in the future?

Every one of us has their own Big Problem(s) (capitals intended). For me that’s impatience: I pull too hard. Something tempts me in the back of my mind and I give in against my better judgement and it’s hurting my results and is wasting my time. This was what I was referring to in the sweet spot: I know I’ve found the sweet spot and all I need to do is pull a little less harder now.

So how am I attacking the task at hand? I agree wholeheartedly with the phrase “what can be measured can be managed” and so I’ve got a little spreadsheet where I’ve indicated three moments on a date to calibrate off of: her initial interest, the kiss and the Questions Game. If I get a “bad” reaction at any stage I’ll know to pull back. Now, is this going to lose me some lays: yes, because I’ll not bang the girls whose interest I misinterpreted; in fact I think it’s already happened this year. However, I think back to all the times when I did overpull and I’m just tired of losing those lays. I’ll run this little scheme for ten dates to see how it goes and extend it if it’s effective.

My other main focus is on my looks. As I said, my weight has fluctuated and so another Big Problem for me is to keep my weight at the 12 – 15% bodyfat level and slowly increase muscle from there.

22 thoughts on “10 Questions With Thomas Crown PUA”

  1. Thank you both for the interview. I recently purchased Crown’s book and I look forward to reading it.

    I also purchased the first book by Bodipua, after reading it mentioned in this interview. The book is entertaining, a quick read, albeit very peculiar. I was dismayed to find that after reading 300 pages, he did not reach the point where he had much success in game. Presumably that is left for book two.

    He mentioned quitting his career for game. And now his website appears to have been abandoned. Which leaves me idly wondering, what happened to him?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading.

      I think Bodipua seemed to have a specific cocktail of near disastrous traits that made it very difficult for him at first – which he lays out quite honestly & comically in his books.

      Book two charts more success than book one indeed- but the lessons & “gamma alerts” throughout each are invaluable.

      He doesn’t do game anymore as he is about to get married. You can follow him on Twitter at @bodinotapua


      1. The second book by Bodi is fantastic. Thank you for the recommendation.

        The first book would frighten people who are not sympathetic to these subjects. To recommend it to say your average co-worker would be a mistake. His candor is refreshing. He spends much the book outlining his origin, frustration, anger, and bouts with states that qualify as mental illness.

        By the second book he hits his stride. His writing improves. He starts to describe his success with game. He begins to shed his mental shackles. There are plenty of tips for people who think they have read it all. And the stories are entertaining.

        What’s funny is that his online presence is dreadful. His website has been abandoned. The graphic design is tacky. His Twitter profile screams: another male on the asperger’s spectrum with an interested in Dawkins, Rand, Hayek, and other ‘dark truths’ — oh, what a surprise. But his personality in the second book is a little more genial and I think anyone could take something away from it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Those are accurate reviews of the books. Thanks.

          Why would anyone want to bother with co-workers anyway?!

          Yes, he doesn’t care for his online presence anymore. He’s getting married.

          Why do you call Dawkins & Rand “dark truths”?


          1. I think the main point is that Bodi (and Rooshv) realised that long term, doing R selected Game rots your soul. That insight isn’t a reason not to do game, perhaps it’s a poison or right of passage that many Men need to take to see the light. Experience is the best school but it’s also the most expensive.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I put other ‘dark truths’ in quotes because I didn’t want to name the specific subjects, philosophers, Twitter handles, and so forth.

            These subjects seem to enchant isolated, ‘aspie’ teenage boys. If you go down that road far enough, suddenly you’re reading certain aristocratic Italian philosophers or reading legitimately dark Twitter accounts. All of the material may have some truth in it, but I think it is corrosive and a waste of energy.

            In short, it’s a bad look — like being a militant atheist. You need to ask yourself: are you in this for game or political philosophy?

            ‘The game’, at least online, seems to attract these types. Take for example the transformation of Roissy to Heartiste. What started out as a seduction blog turned into more of a political project. And we see this type of transformation over and over again.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. > I’m not going to mince words here:
    > If you’re aiming to do r-selected Daygame then unfortunately for you the perceptions will work against you. Asian guys are assumed to be shorter, less attractive, more boring, more submissive, more creepy, dirty, unhygienic, etc.

    I’ll pick on this part a bit…

    I’m a white guy, but I have gamed ASIAN girls in the US, and ASIAN GIRLS in China/Japan. So I am up again ASIAN GUYS in both places… most girls I date have dated Asian guys both before/after me.

    I don’t like the argument that “perceptions work against” Asian guys, BECAUSE this isn’t an “theoretical” exercise. It’s not “perception,” it’s what experience you give the girl, face to face. At that point, it’s nothing generic, it’s very specific to the guy, what he can do with the specific girl in front of him. That is always true.

    I’d advise Asian guys to drop the idea of themselves as “Asian gamers.” That’s kind of lame. And be “Great gamers” and “sexy men” and “good leaders.” That’s always cool.

    I have been AMOG’d and outclassed by Asian men so many times. And the “perceptions” were irrelevant, as the SPECIFIC guy would come blazing in, do his thing, and kill it. Every race has “top tier” men, and they are always attractive, and share the same qualities across races.

    Girls don’t date “perceptions.” They date specific men. It’s about what you can do as a man.

    So… some “meek” Asian dude thinks he can “pull Russian models.” Good luck. It’s not going to happen. But a edgy, bold Asian dude, one what is quick with his game, can HOLD TENSION, can manage shit tests, leads well … well… we’re back to a “high rejection rate for all of us,” but very possible. I have seen it.

    I knew this guy SLICK in Japan… he was unbelievable. He was average looking, smaller than me, but his GAME was intense.

    I think ASIAN guys should “find their niche,” just like all of us do.

    I can’t date “girls that work in finance.” I know this about myself. I don’t date “status oriented chicks” (even as I date a LOT of “k girls” – I don’t mean the same thing). Even though I have a high net worth, I don’t look/act “status-y.” So those girls/I are never into each other. ASIAN girls that are into “status” never date me – bad match of “niches.” But lovely feminine Asian girls do.

    It’s about the niche. Think “archetypes.” More interesting than “race.” Always.

    Same goes for INDIAN guys. I have seen so many killer, killer India dudes. My wing Vikar was insanely good at pulling girls (of all races). He was very solid man. Very masculine. He was a “man” before he was an “Indian” and the girls could see it.

    Work on being a solid, attractive man. Wade through the rejection… and you’ll win. True for all men.


    Again, great post. Unusually good.


    1. Thanks for reading.

      When read again, you’ll see my question was regarding perceptions of Asians specifically in the UK, which can also likely be extrapolated to other Anglophone i.e. English-speaking countries, and Crown’s answers reflect this specifically.

      From the perspective of SMV, it’s naïve to think that girls won’t have a pre-conception of a guy based on his look(s) before they know him. This pre-conception of course varies in different parts of the world, so I refer back to the specifics of my question i.e. the UK.

      I agree with the rest of your points, but they are simply re-stating the points made by Crown & myself in the answers.


      1. > my question was regarding perceptions of Asians specifically in the UK, which can also likely be extrapolated to other Anglophone i.e. English-speaking countries, and Crown’s answers reflect this specifically.

        I get it.

        But what is you want to do with that info? If an Asian guy reads that, what does he do with “average perceptions of Asian guys?”

        In reality, it is always how the man makes the girl feel. It is not a theoretical exercise. it’s not about “average” (like your applying for a home loan, or something). Game is way too personal for “perceptions” to make much of a difference… if you have SMV, perceptions are irrelevant.

        And I saw all this to bring us back to the PERSONAL SKILL of the man. That should be all that matters to HIM.

        So if you’re an Asian player reading this… where are you going to put your focus?


        1. I think I covered that on saying working on your value, being a proactive thinker and avoiding complexes.

          With regards to how a girl feels: your race will play a part in that. It’s nice to say that it’s all personal skill but for better or worse people have a idea of what the average person is like from each race and that needs to be addressed. Not to mention the preference for forming groups with people of the same race.

          If being Asian didn’t impact someone at all then where are all the top Asian Daygamers? Because I don’t see them.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. > If being Asian didn’t impact someone at all then where are all the top Asian Daygamers?

            In Asia, Tom. Jesus.

            No one said race doesn’t matter at all. I said it was too generic to be useful in a niche sport like this one where rejection is the norm.

            If (ALL) men get rejected on the open significantly (and they do), and lose more girls on the logistics and dates (which they do), should Asian men be taking notes from you about what % of a specific set, with a specific girl, failed “because they were Asian?” C’mon. We get blown out of million reasons… you’ll mostly never know. And thinking about this way won’t help an Asian guys vibe… in fact, this conversation will likely make his vibe worse.

            I hate SJW stuff. This isn’t about that. GAME is heartless sport that favors certain individual men, with individual strengths/weaknesses, fucking individual girls. Every time.

            “Ghost stories” about “perceptions” will not help your sets. Asian guys… keep your head clean.


        2. If one reads the answer to the question properly, he will see that you are still just re-stating what Thomas Crown said in his answers.

          Your points are correct, but they are repetitive.

          Girls always have a preconception of guys of certain looks, based on their social conditioning – to deny or ignore this is foolish.

          Yet accepting this reality does not mean allowing it to have any effect on developing yourself or your attractiveness.

          To see these as mutually exclusive displays a lack of nuance & is characteristic of the Purple Pill.


  3. Great post! Relevant to all beginner and intermediate daygamers. Agree with “SMV is king” phrase. Daygaming isn’t magically going to make woman jump you on the spot just because you approached them. I’m eager to see more posts like this! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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