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Lay Report – Another Kind Of “SDL”

Asian Daygame. Lay Report - Another Kind Of “SDL”
This actress reminded me of her.

This story is one I chuckle at whenever I think about it; an unexpected and slightly unusual lay.

To begin, this lay report is not of another same day lay. In fact, it is the furthest thing from it.

As you read on, you will see why I have given it the title above.

In 2013, during my first year of daygame, I approached Morena back in the British city in which I used to live at the time. She was 26, from Bilbao in the Basque region of Spain in the north of the country.

Frankly, I do not remember anything about the approach apart from using the structure of the London Daygame Model, or Daygame Blueprint as it was called back then, and getting her number. However, nothing came of it – at least not immediately after.

However, what comes later is documented pretty much in black and white – or rather, in screenshots.

For picture-book lovers, this one’s for you.

I have placed all the screenshots from both Instagram & Whatsapp chats at the end of the post.

I have also annotated some with my thoughts and insights relevant to game.

For my thoughts and recommended resources on improving your skill over text, see the section entitled On “Text Game” at the end.

Returning to the story at hand, in 2016 i.e. three years after first meeting Morena, by some random chance, the Instagram algorithm resulted in me being suggested to her as a contact (or “follower”). I had by now moved to the current British city I am living in.

She messaged me saying, “No way! Ig (i.e. Instagram) knows everything! How have I found you?!”

At first, I had completely no idea who she was. After perusing some of her photos (she didn’t have many of herself), I recalled having indeed spoken to Morena, albeit vaguely.

We then proceeded to text intermittently over the next two years. Yes, you read that correctly.

From Instagram & Whatsapp To Meeting In Person

I do not usually bother with “long game” as I find it demands too much time from my schedule and because it is much simpler to just meet girls locally via daygame.

The only exceptions I make are for girls who reply with high levels of investment and thus have a higher chance of meeting up to fuck, such as Morena.

From the start of our conversation on Instagram, Morena was highly expressive with long replies – she even unexpectedly invited me to her birthday party.

This in itself was not reason enough to think she wanted to fuck me, but it was good encouragement to continue directing it towards meeting up to fuck.

From early on in our exchanges, she made it clear that she felt constrained by her current life situation in that city, and that she wanted a release or at least some novelty.

As I am now living in an objectively more beautiful city, I naturally suggested that she visit me. I was happy to provide that novelty or release – in more ways than one.

At this juncture, an old phrase from Mystery in The Game by Neil Strauss springs to mind, “The pickup artist must be the exception to the rule.”

She responded with a proper paragraph, explaining exactly how and what was going to happen before she could set a date on it, and that she was eager to “explore the wonders of my city very soon.”

As always, it is wiser to trust her actions, not her words. While this could be more challenging over text, the length of Morena’s responses and that she was qualifying herself were green lights. Added to the fact that she was interested in living in China, I knew that things were looking good.

When we switched from Instagram to WhatsApp, she opened up some more:

It turned out that she had recently got out of a relationship and her ex-boyfriend “needed her support.” I am unsure whether I feel pity or disapproval.

Looking back now, this was a small indication of Morena’s personality, but adhering to the mantra of “Always Be Closing”, as well as the fact that she was sexy and we got on well so far, I paid little attention to this and continued moving the interaction forward.

At this point, it was now around one year after she first got in touch i.e. December 2017. My calibration over text and ability to convey gravitas had visibly improved.

It was here that she sent me a essay-like text in response to my usual Christmas ping – you can see both in the screenshots below.

In it, she said how she felt truly connected with me, that sometimes I pop into her mind suddenly, and that she found it so incredible that we were in touch after having only met once on the street four years ago. She ended it with, “Can’t wait to meet you one day, soon!!”

Whilst I don’t think Morena had fallen in love with me, she had damn well anchored herself to me.


This explanation by Nick Krauser on anchoring from the chapter on Long Game in Daygame Mastery is so perfect that I am going to quote it word for word.

Get that damn book.

“Falling in love is something a girl does to herself in your absence. It’s an active process.

When she’s chatting to you she gets a nice high, but the real investment is done when she’s going about her life and dredging up memories of what you said, daydreams of being with you, and doing her homework fantasising about how much you’ll like it when she presents it to you.

This is called anchoring and it’s the single most powerful element in Long Game.”

After Morena’s essay, I made a mistake which would usually lead to the interaction dying a quick death: I replied very late. In fact, I replied one and a half months late, in February 2018.

After a girl has essentially spilled her soul to you (re: qualification), anything other than a reply within the same day to validate her & make her feel the glow of your approval would be taken by her as a rejection.

Furthermore, as women are more emotional than men, coupled with the fact that they are rarely practiced in handling rejection, she will protect herself by rationalising reasons as to why continuing to speak with you is not good for her.

Somehow, Morena turned out to be the exception to the rule.

Replying only in summer of that year i.e. 2018 when I was already in my hometown in Asia for summer holidays, she revealed that she had been in a co-dependent relationship for four years.

We set up a time to video call soon after. Over the call, this was the first time I saw her since I met her in 2013. She was actually more attractive in person than her few photos of her on Instagram. It was on this video call that we agreed to meet back in the city she lived in i.e. the city I used to live in when I returned to the UK in the autumn.

The most crucial component of long game is that “She must give you an unmistakable message (covert or overt) that she will have sex with you.” – Nick Krauser in Daygame Mastery.

To arrive at this, Nick suggests that there are four checkboxes to tick, and they usually occur in order.

With Morena, things moved straight to the fourth checkbox in our following text exchange, which was agreeing to sleep in the same bed (or as in Daygame Mastery, agreeing to book a double-room). Again, you can see these in the screenshots below.

One point on which I diverge from Krauser’s ideas is that girls will still sleep with you after having a sex chat over text. He believes this is an important part of Long Game, but I have never slept with a girl after sexting. In fact, I find sexting to be consistently counter-productive to meeting up with her as the sexual tension is now released and is replaced by anti-slut defence (ASD) since she knows meeting up will lead to sex. You will see some lame attempts at sexually escalating over texts (a.k.a sextually escalating) in the screenshots below; but I firmly believe that innuendos and double entendres are the upper limit of sextual escalation.

That said, I base my thoughts on my experiences texting within normal time frames and not on Long Game, so Krauser’s ideas on sexting for Long Game will need to be explored further.

Morena anchored herself even more before I arrived, asking me what food I would like her to cook for me, what my favourite drink was, and pinging me first with barely contained excitement at our impending hook meet up.

In fairness, I was excited too. Sex was on the cards, and as she practices martial arts, with a fit-bodied girl as well.

The only issue which I have not mentioned till now was that I was in a relationship of sorts with a girl whom I liked immensely and had now been seeing for a year. She was the Latina (post yet to be written).

Sex & The Aftermath

Fast forward to September 2018, five years after approaching Morena.

She met me at the train station when I arrived.

In person, she was a little shorter than me, with dark hair, slim legs and somewhat aristocratic facial features. I could see a very visible bulge under her jacket indicating fine breasts. Having been in the UK for so long, her Spanish accent was almost imperceptible.

As we walked through her front door, I pulled her in. The makeout was intense. I pulled away to ask her where I could put my bag. She led me to her room.

As I dropped my bag, Morena and I came at each other again. Clothes began to come off, but as she was wearing a sexy black, low-cut leotard which really emphasised her toned body and firm tits, I had her keep that on.

She got on her knees in front of her mirror and began sucking my dick. I facefucked her while holding her long dark hair in a ponytail, and she gagged & spluttered as I did so.

After awhile, I pulled her up and pushed her onto her bed. Her black leotard had a button in the pussy region, which I found really sexy. She unbuttoned and took off her leotard while I rolled on the condom.

Her tits were as firm as they looked. Her body as fit as I first thought.

I fucked Morena hard and rough, choking her and slapping her. She writhed and moaned frantically under me. At one point, I stopped and asked her if she had been fucked rough like this before, and she smiled and said, “No, and I really like it.” I continued fucking her like that.

After awhile, I flipped her over onto her knees on the bed as I stood and fucked her from behind, this time slapping her ass furiously as I pulled her hair. She first began grunting deeply, then screaming, and began crashing her ass back on my dick in rhythm with my thrusts. This, combined with the sexiness of her tattoos (one on her upper back and one on her ass-cheek), made our fucking even more intense.

She managed to gasp, “You have so much stamina.” I paused for a moment and asked her what she meant. She said that she couldn’t “move her hips with her ex as he would come too fast”, and that I was lasting a longer than she was used to.

Having said that, I found it difficult to cum, so I took the condom off after awhile, turned her over and fucked her raw. As I was cumming, I felt that I pulled out a little late. I came all over her stomach.

After catching my breath, I said to her that I may have been slightly late pulling out. She said not to worry, cause she “only gets her period on the full moon” and based on those calculations she couldn’t be ovulating. Very peculiar reasoning indeed – I only hoped that she was right.

As Morena left to clean up, I felt a tightness in my diaphragm area. Was it guilt?

My mind turned to the Latina, who was currently on holiday with her sister & her sister’s husband that weekend. There I lay on Morena’s bed post-coitus, thinking of another girl whom I enjoyed my time with immensely and who had tangibly made my life better, yet simultaneously I was beginning to become aroused again at the thought of aggressively taking ownership of Morena’s body once more.

In true self-denialist fashion, I pushed the confusing emotions and thoughts I had away. It was time to eat what Morena had cooked for me.

The food was awesome.

Morena made pan con tomaté, which is simply bread in a heavenly tomato-based dip, and some kind of Basque beef stew.

After a few hours of watching Netflix and having met her housemate (he was a geeky Spanish guy), we retired upstairs for round two.

As her bed was squeaky and would be heard by her housemate, we fucked on a chair – first with her ass on my dick and then with her facing me.

I picked her up halfway through, walked over to her mirror, and began fucking her as I held her. It was fucking hot.

I then put her down and turned her around so that she was facing her mirror as I fucked her from behind standing up. I came in her mouth after.

The next morning, we fucked on her floor in the spooning position – something I hadn’t done in a while. This was turning out to be a highly physical and adventurous weekend away.

In between the fucking, I found out that she had a difficult relationship with her parents, and that she was indeed descended from Spanish aristocracy who were positively fascist and had ties to General Franco, but had now lost all prestige and wealth following his death in the 70s.

Morena, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of her family. She was very left-wing. When I expressed my enjoyment of Real Betis, a football team based in the city of Seville in the Andalucia region of Spain and who played an exciting style of football under then coach Quique Setien (who is deservedly the current coach of FC Barcelona at the time of writing) she disparaged football as containing too much money and effectively expressed how she found money evil. She also seemed to possess a perspective in which every success in the world was gotten through illicit means or at the expense of others, which I still disagree with.

Whilst her opinions in and of themselves were not a red flag for being fuck buddies, they certainly made me feel a bit less interested in her.

She told me she was into girls, and I mentioned a bisexual French girl I had seen a few times in my city but couldn’t fuck due to her having an STI. The Frenchie had since gone back to France, but I told Morena we would try to set up a threesome.

I left Morena’s place for my city with my balls drained and my mind & emotions turbulent.

It felt good sending the “+1” texts to my friends, and I thoroughly enjoyed the wanton sex with her.

Yet I couldn’t help but feel uneasy on the train home at the fact that I was going back to my city to be with the Latina, whom I knew I would have genuinely enriching times with not only because of the sex.

It was to be the start of an intermittent internal struggle, coming on each time I had a new lay, but also an excellent few months of game.


Writing this lay report caused quite some reminiscence since it allowed me to chart my texting skills from when I was still amateurish to when I achieved a decent level of skill.

It was also my first ever lay from “Long Game” – five years in the making – and although my own ability to calibrate and direct the interaction over text played a large part, this would not have been at all possible but for the serendipity resulting from the Instagram algorithm.

I was the first guy Morena fucked after ending her four-year relationship.

After leaving hers, she sent me a very sweet text saying she appreciated our conversations and that I had helped her find some clarity & direction in her life. I am still grateful I have been able to help her in this way.

“Always leave her better than you found her.” – Ross Jeffries. A maxim I always try to live by. (And also the source for my internal dilemma with the Latina).

A few days after that, she also sent me a text saying that she had her period, so “we were safe”. Phew.

Sadly, the threesome Morena and myself tried to set up never materialised. There were more instances of where Morena had found girls for us to fuck, but due to a heavy schedule at University, I was unable to make it. She even suggested heading to Amsterdam, where her friend was a porn producer and could introduce us to some pornstars. Never happened. That is a regret of mine.

Since then, Morena and I have been in loose contact, albeit very rarely. She has since had numerous boyfriends, and from her WhatsApp stories, she has not had a fun time. I believe this to be a product of her own left-wing mindset of abandoning personal responsibility and blaming the world.

As RSD like to say, you attract what you are.

Nevertheless, a great experience.

Or as my friend Ben of Straßen Philosophie hilariously called it: a Same Decade Lay.

Another kind of “SDL”.

On “Text Game”

The camp is very much split on text game.

Many regard text game as something that is a significant part of the overall progression of game. On the other hand, many others believe that it is simply mental masturbation since a good interaction in-set will lead naturally & easily to a date with minimal hassle over text.

As with almost everything in life, the reality is that both are true to some degree.

I will always advocate ensuring a good interaction before anything else because in-person interaction – either in-set or on dates – will always be the most effective way to lead towards sex and/or start any sort of relationship. It is your behaviours & non-verbal/sub-communication in combination with your words which lead to her investment and arousal.

However, if you find that an unusually high number of girls are falling off the radar despite being initially enthusiastic in their text responses after good sets i.e. lingering handshake, wide doe eyes, floppy body language etc., then perhaps you lack a threshold level of ability over text to effectively bridge the time between the approach and setting up a date.

Essentially, text game has now become the weakest link in your overall game.

Moreover, your game is only as good as your weakest link.

If this is the case, then the three resources I recommend the most are:

1) Texts & Dates Machine by Todd V, available for free on Youtube (at least it was when this post was written).

2) Daygame Mastery by Nick Krauser. It also contains a sharply informative & detailed section on “Long Game”, which was relevant to this story.

3) Mr V’s Guide To Texting Girls, available for free.

For more on identifying the weakest links in your game and achieving continued progress towards consistent results and a good level of skill, I highly recommend this old two-part video by Todd V which you can watch here and here. (These videos were initially shot when Todd V was still an instructor with RSD and were subsequently removed when he left the company – I have no idea how long they will be left up on YouTube or if they are still available at the time of reading this post.)




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