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SMV Arbitrage – Part 3: Asian Men & Non-Asian Women

Asian Daygame. SMV Arbitrage -Part 3: Asian Men, European Women & Latinas

*This was previously a sub-section under Part 2 of this series. It has been re-edited and updated to provide a more comprehensive elaboration on the topic and for ease of reading. I have also added a brief section on my observations regarding Indian/Indian-looking men towards the end*

SMV Arbitrage does not just work in favour of Asian men with Asian girls, which I wrote about in Part 2 of this series.

A disclaimer:

Aside from Seven Daygame and Takeaway, who is the only other Asian daygamer I know in person and whom I first met in my city in the UK but has now moved to Eastern Europe, I am not aware currently of any other active Asian daygamer in Europe. Therefore, I am basing this section largely on my own first-hand experience. While an element of bias could exist in this section, I have done my utmost to write only facts and be impartial.

I would encourage readers to explore Seven’s daygame experiences as they will help create a more comprehensive picture for the reader regarding this topic, and also because he is an experienced daygamer who has had excellent results & stories living in St. Petersburg, Russia – oft considered the “promised land” of daygame – for many years now.

Additionally, I also recommend reading Seven’s specific insights on being an Asian daygamer in 10 Questions With Seven Daygame, as well as the rest of the 10 Question With series.

I also welcome Asian daygamers wherever you may be in the world either to comment below about your experiences on this topic or contact me on Twitter or via email.

European Women

In the Anglosphere, there seems to be a negative stereotype towards Asians based on the experiences of Takeaway, Capt. JC (who was introduced in Part 2) and myself, especially in nightgame.

I detailed on Twitter an episode of racism directed at me in a club and how I dealt with it some time ago. This kind of occurrence however, is not regular.

What is regular are guys and girls being condescending as default and/or coming up to us unprovoked to laugh in our faces, which does not happen to close friends and wingmen who are of similar height, build, fashion and style but who are Caucasian. In fact, Takeaway is usually one of the most well-built guys in the club, and still these things occur to him.

However, on all my trips to Europe in my seven years of game, I have encountered something very different. The experiences mentioned above have never occurred to me nor to Takeaway.

Speaking to close friends of mine, both daygamers and civilians, from various European countries, and also girls that I’ve slept with and dated, there seems to be very few negative stereotypes of Asian people. This is what likely leads to more pleasant experiences of nightgame in Europe.

Furthermore, girls are at the very least unaffected at the fact that I am Asian. At the very best, some girls become very attracted due to the fact that I look so different to the average guy in that particular country. They give very overt IOIs, open up easily when I approach, qualify themselves greatly, and the interaction can escalate very quickly.

In daygame, I also get more IOIs than in the UK – the only places I get more IOIs are in Asian countries.

While no girl is begging me to go home with her because I remind her of Mr Miyagi, I meet a few girls – a few, not shiploads – like the ones described above on each trip, be it to Norway or Hungary, Germany or Poland. Some of these girls are not even Asiaphiles i.e. girls who enjoy watching anime or have a fascination with Asian culture, nor have ever thought of being with an Asian guy before.

Yet some are.

In Warsaw, Poland in 2016 I met a sexy nineteen year old blonde Polish girl – who had an Asian boyfriend when I met her – through daygame and had her on my couch & half-naked fifteen minutes after the start of our date, before she inexplicably dashed off after receiving a phone call. A blue-balls moment of the highest order.

In Vienna, Austria in 2018 I slept with a twenty five year old blonde Austrian girl from nightgame who had previously spent a year abroad in Shanghai, China and had her heart broken by her Chinese lover. The full story will be published in my upcoming book.

In my second and third year of daygame, I was sleeping with a Latvian girl while she was in a relationship with her British-born Chinese boyfriend. You can read about that here.

Shifting our focus further eastwards, this nice story from Takeaway on his short four-day stay in Kiev, Ukraine also illustrates the effect of SMV Arbitrage for Asian guys in Europe. As he will readily admit, Takeaway is relatively new to daygame – he started less than a year ago at the time of writing and has not even done a thousand sets.

However, through daygame, he met an extremely hot Ukrainian doctor (so no need to sound the Provider Game alert) who was into fitness like he was and had a history of being with Asian men. He went on a date with her very soon after.

With some good but basic escalation, she was all over him, although she had to meet with her friends after their date and so he didn’t take her home.

On his last night in Ukraine, bearing in mind how short a time he was there, she texted him and basically propositioned him for sex, saying “Do you want to stay at my place tonight?”.

Unfortunately, due to inexperience, he was unable to pass her shit tests that arose as a result of her Anti-Slut Defence (ASD), and so didn’t fuck her. This however was an absolutely remarkable story from a guy who had only ever had one girlfriend previously, and who had not had much experience at all in daygame.

This is SMV Arbitrage at work.

For more stories of my experiences with European girls (and others), you can read my lay reports or browse the Historical Exploits section for my experiences from before the start of this blog.

Once again, I would also encourage you to read Seven Daygame‘s blog for stories of an Asian guy who daygames successfully in Russia.


Things are similar with Latinas, who are the second most viscerally arousing type of girls to me, with girls from my own country being the first.

Furthermore, the best girl I have been with was Salvadorina – a Latina from El Salvador. We met through daygame, and dated for a year and a half before splitting up in early April 2019, weeks before a Eurojaunt to Barcelona, Spain. This post is yet to be written.

In my city in the UK, we are blessed for two months a year where South & Central Americans come to study English (I do not consider Spanish girls to be Latinas; they are still very European in their mannerisms and are very different from girls from Latin America).

Although always chattering away in large groups walking through the small city centre, nightgame is a different animal. The dancing is expectedly sensual and sublime, rivalled only by girls from certain Southeast Asian countries. Whilst not having slept with a Latina from nightgame in particular, there have been extremely near-miss, blue ball situations. In those sets, the girls opened up easily, giving me the large, dreamy eyes from very early on in the set.

These nightgame experiences with Latinas were similar on my aforementioned trip to Barcelona in 2019 (post coming soon), where a huge number of Latin Americans reside either for work or study.

Daygaming in Barcelona was possibly my best experience of daygame so far. Although still recovering from recently ending things with the Salvadorina, I was astonished at the frequency at which I was getting IOIs. These girls were almost all Latinas, and when they could speak decent English, qualified themselves very enthusiastically. The levels of attraction were very high, even with the girls who didn’t speak much English – the large eyes, floppy body language, playing with their hair. It really was a refreshing experience compared to the average-looking, masculine British girls I work with or trudge through during a daygame session on a daily basis.

In Barcelona, the girl whom I had half-naked on my sofa but never slept with was from Moldova – not at all Latina, so that story won’t be told here. But my friend Takeaway has another good story from this trip. It is worth noting that our Barcelona trip was several months before his aforementioned trip to Kiev.

As we walked down Las Ramblas i.e. the most iconic street in Barcelona, our wing Daddy Figure nudged him into set with a petite Colombian girl. He went on a date with her around two hours later. At the end of the second venue, she got hungry (for food – not for what you were thinking, you dirty boy).

Takeaway then remembered a situation back in our city in the UK in which our wing Swiss Roller and I had left the bar for a club with a two-set. Swiss Roller’s girl was the leader of the two girls; the two were walking a few metres ahead of me. On the way, the girls explicitly said they were hungry. I tried leading my girl to a nearby food stall, but she said she would only go if her friend did. I called out to Swiss Roller (in German, which the girls didn’t understand) to take his girl for food, after which we would take them directly back to one of our flats. Despite hearing me loud and clear, he never did lead his girl to the food stall. We made it to the club, and the girls left soon after – presumably for food.

In contrast, Takeaway learnt the lesson from our experience and did exactly what we should have done with his Colombian in Barcelona. They got food, went back to his place, and she stayed over. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t let him touch her at all. I can only imagine this was due to a deficiency in escalation in the date venues; we never really did debrief properly. The next day, they went on a nice, romantic sightseeing tour of that magical city.

Takeaway never fucked her. However, keeping in mind that he had only started daygaming a few months ago, this has to be considered a milestone.

By sharing these experiences of European girls and Latinas, and also these two nice stories from Takeaway, I hope that one can see that Asian guys can be at an advantage when it comes to non-Asian women.

African Girls

I have also had some experiences with African girls – slept with one and dated five, although these experiences are not sufficient to reliably draw conclusions from.

As I find some black girls extremely hot, and the ones I am attracted to almost always turn out to be African instead of Western, I am eager to expand my experiences with African girls.

I welcome stories of your experiences with African girls as an Asian guy, and look forward to reading them in the comments below.

Brief Observations On Indian Men & SMV Arbitrage

As I mentioned briefly in 10 Questions With Thomas Crown PUA, I have seen numerous instances of girls – hot ones – being extremely drawn to brown-skinned Asian guys e.g. Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern etc.

Having spent many of my ten years in the UK working/studying with what felt like nearly every brown-skinned Asian guy in England, I have observed how many girls literally only ever go for, date or fuck brown-skinned guys, and that many brown-skinned guys attract girls of all backgrounds – at times very easily.

One of my only two female friends is herself an example of this.

There is one common denominator I have noted amongst all the brown-skinned Asians who are successful with girls – they are socially adept and have high SMV in terms of either looks, social status or charisma.

I therefore encourage you to share your experiences of dating and sleeping with women as a brown-skinned Asian guy in the comments below. Alternatively, you may contact me on Twitter or via email.


Most of the writing about the phenomenon of SMV arbitrage has been from the Caucasian perspective, and it has certainly helped many on their journey of game.

Unfortunately, nearly nothing is known of the Asian experience of SMV arbitrage.

I hope this series provides some insight into SMV Arbitrage for Asian guys.

Thus, in conclusion:

You will always find girls for whom you are their ideal guy, be it for your looks or other aspects of yourself.

That said, I must emphasise that this phenomenon of SMV Arbitrage in favour of Asian men will only enrich the experience of those who already possess a foundation of good SMV.

Moreover, I highly recommend this post by Thomas Crown PUA to explore how to maximise the unchangeable features of yourself e.g. your ethnicity in order to achieve a greater consistency of results in daygame.

If the fire of adventure to discover the possibilities of meeting women from across the world is ignited or even further inflamed, then I wish you all the success the journey will bring.

See you on the road.

6 thoughts on “SMV Arbitrage – Part 3: Asian Men & Non-Asian Women”

  1. On the other hand, most asian girls find white men too polite and submissive, and prefer to date men from their own culture .


  2. As an Indian immigrant in US, i can share my experience with white girls before I learned Daygame. I had few Ukrainian friends in social circle and they were always into brown guys. I had hooked up with 2 girls from Ukraine through social circle. I used to do lot of night game (mostly night club) but everytime I would approach white girls for dance, they would reject me. Never got laid with white girl from nightgame but did makeout with few while dancing in the club. For me social circle worked better before I found out about Daygame.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading man.

      I have heard that Ukranians tend towards either end of the spectrum – there are many who love darker skin & many who almost hate it.

      Did your Ukranian friends/the girls say anything regarding this?


      1. Not really. But the Ukrainian girl I hooked up with, her friends were also somewhat drawn to brown skin even though they all had Ukrainian/russian boyfriends. For dating they do prefer Russian guys but I guess for the adventure they wouldn’t mind fucking brown guys.

        Liked by 1 person

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