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Lay Report – Over The River

Ah, my first daygame lay in London since moving here at the end of August. This post is actually almost two months overdue now.

Daygame was proving more difficult than in my small city – the pace of the street is *much* faster, girls seem to walk more purposefully & my usual stop was too laidback, which resulted in girls only coming to a halt a metre or so after they’ve walked past me.

All that was corrected after a week. I had told Thomas Crown that I needed to practice the stop again like a newbie for a few days to nail it, but he really hit the nail on its head when he said, “You’ve been doing it for so long now, so instead of practicing it, why don’t you just do the stop well?” He was right. Just like that, I didn’t suck at stopping girls in London.

Sometimes all we need is someone to remind us to cut the noise in your brain and call upon existing faculties – mental, emotional, physical, whatever – to just get the job done once again.

My performance in set was also proving inconsistent. My tweet below reflects what was a harsh day at the end of my first week in the city. That said, this is not new to me whenever I’m in a new city – I do think it’s normal for me to take awhile to adapt to a new environment, be it in terms of subcommunication or subtleties of the way people perceive each other at first glance.

Asian Daygame. Lay Report - Over The River.
After that day, I have been freely commenting on girls’ funny walks

Nowadays, it’s quite normalised. Some blowouts, some numbers, some interested but unavailable girls, some nice dates, and now, a lay.

The Daygame Set

It was a sunny Sunday on the South Bank. I was out with OD, my friend from my small city who was visiting for the weekend.

There were simply too many families enjoying the sunshine & the tourist attractions of the London Eye and London Aquarium, and nearly zero girls to speak to.

We decided to cross the pedestrian bridge to get to Embankment on the north side of the Thames river.

About halfway along the bridge, a taller-than-average leggy black girl walked towards us. She was wearing a figure-hugging white t-shirt and red shorts which really showed off what looked like a fit body.

In my last month and a half in my small city, OD pointed out that I have a previously unidentified inclination towards black girls during our gutter game sessions. Looking back, this is true.

Lara had a beautiful face. Her body looked as tight as I first thought. I had no idea at this point how her tits were, but she was slim & had a great figure. She told me she was 19, born in Zimbabwe but had grown up here in the UK, and was studying medicine at a prominent London university. She was a few centimetres taller than me.

The conversation wasn’t exactly flowing – I initially thought it was quite a mechanical interaction and so felt like I was slightly going through the motions at the start, but it eventually settled into a somewhat nice flow.

Lara seemed childlike in how she would freely jump to another topic, which needed me to redirect the conversation often so as to not let her derail the interaction by snatching the frame of the conversation. Thankfully, like a sweet kid, she pleasantly went along with my segues/conversational redirects, so although it was engineered somewhat, the interaction never really felt contrived.

Thus, it was easy to qualify her – “What do you enjoy bout London?”

Her answer was very authentic.

“The Tube!” she said excitedly.

Frankly, I really like the London Underground, and trains in general. This is possibly because I’m new to the city & so as yet not jaded by the daily commute. In fact, I like them so much that I’m going to get a certain other daygame blogger to sit down & explain to me all things train-related.

Returning to the interaction with Lara, it is no surprise then that I validated her with great pleasure on her answer to my qualification question.

I then number-closed her.

Now, I absolutely hate getting anything of mine stolen. In light of this, I have shamelessly bought a contraption which allows me to securely hook my phone to the belt loops on my trousers. This anti-theft device has a robust & extendable wire, allowing me to hold my phone up to my ear when I’m on a call while it is still attached to my belt loop. It is sounds gay, but it’s secure – even if it handicaps my Instagram story capabilities.

As Lara typed her number into my phone, she realised my anti-theft device. Her face lit up, and with my phone in her hand, she gleefully pulled my anti-theft device to its maximum length. Such a cheeky girl.

It was then that I knew this was going to be good.

The Date

Texting Lara was as lively as talking to her in person, the highlight of which was using call-back humour regarding the very thing I really liked about her i.e. her knowledge of the London Undergound, and how to navigate it to get to our meeting spot. You can see more in the text screenshots at the end of this post.

I met her a few days later in my part of London, which has awesome views of The City & St Paul’s Cathedral. More importantly, however, there are bars with the optimal kind of seating for seduction.

Lara walked out of the Tube station wearing a cute green top & a short tight black leather skirt.

Now, a piece of info that may or may not shock readers – nearly all black girls have naturally curly hair. The ones with nice silky hair are usually wearing a wig. Yes, a wig. I was dumbfounded when I first discovered that, more so because I find curly hair highly arousing. In Lara’s case, she told me she “chemically straightened” her hair.

We went to a bar with nice booths; we chose one right at the back, away from prying eyes.

She had a nice compliant air from the start. She happily answered & expanded on my questions about her past, present & future.

I had her come sit next to me after we finished our first drinks; I usually start by sitting opposite her so they get a nice dose of eye contact & a full view of my usually passive facial expressions – it’s almost like a low-key interview vibe, which is fine in this case since she already likes you, hence here she is on the date.

I found out she was not on good terms with her father (jackpot!), that she had only begun having sex last year, and that she was now into double figures for her notch count. A pretty active year indeed.

As she was halfway through a sentence, I slid my hand around the back of her head and pulled her in to kiss her. We made out fully.

“The best time to kiss her is mid-sentence.” – someone I can’t remember. I find this to be true. That said, it goes without saying you need to calibrate this. Read Daygame Mastery or your favourite reliable game textbook for more on this.

“What is your favourite part of your body?” I asked her.

“My legs,” she said eagerly. I began stroking her thighs.

“What do you like in a guy’s body?”

“Guys faces – but I care more about the vibe I get from them.”

“What do you like about me then?”

“Your face – the way your stubble makes the angles on your jaw. It’s really nice. Did you shape your beard yourself?”

“Yes, I did.”

A tall African girl with a sexy body literally told me I was handsome. Putting my chode past into perspective, this was another win for self-esteem.

Soon after, Lara & I left the bar for my place on the premise that I would show her some cringe-worthy video of me performing with my high school band.

As she was in the toilet just before we left, I texted my housemate/wing Paulus to make himself scarce, disconnect from the bluetooth speaker & get the secret camera ready.

Ok, I didn’t tell him to do the last part.

…I would do that myself.


No, I did not make a secret video recording of me fucking Lara. There are websites for that kind of thing – this blog is meant to be wholesome & educational.

We got to my place, took off our shoes & sat on the sofa. This was the first time ever I’ve had a sofa to sexually escalate on. They say that sex starts easier on the sofa, and I was looking forward to finding out how true that is.

As we watched my shitty “music video”, we began making out again. I pulled Lara over to straddle me, allow me to grab her tits & rub her pussy under her skirt.

After awhile, I paused the video, picked her up, carried her into my bedroom, and dumped her on my bed.

Clothes came off pretty quickly.

Lara’s tits were huge – double Ds. Her stomach was flat, and her limbs were long & slim. With her fit body, her tits looked even more prominent than they really were. A specimen of good genetics, especially as she said she doesn’t work out.

She sucked cock like a pornstar, deepthroating, slurping & looking up at me while she did it.

I first fucked her with a condom, but after she told me she had an implant, I took it off & continued fucking her raw.

As I fucked her in missionary, she seemed to enjoy getting slapped & choked while we fucked that way. She started calling me Daddy as I fucked her like this. I came inside her soon after.


After that first time, I asked her “When did you decide you were going to fuck me?”

“As we decided to leave the bar,” she said – good evidence that moving to a more private location is also a form of escalation, in addition to physical & verbal. There’s also psychological escalation, in my opinion, whereby you establish a frame of “Us” & she sees both of you as being together in some form. This is all semantics, however.

“Why did you decide to sleep with me?” I asked.

“Because I felt a good vibe from you, and because I’m a medical student & you’re *in the same field*, so we’re like brethren,” she responded. I told you she was like a cute kid.

“Did you enjoy being slapped & choked for the first time?”

“I didn’t think I would, but I really did. In the moment when we were fucking, it was really hot.” Good girl.

We saw each other once more after that first time. I had her give me a blowjob in the stairwell of my building. She then rode me on my awesome sofa, before I creampied her again in my bedroom, then came in her mouth sometime later.

She was very blunt after that second time we fucked, saying that she doesn’t usually see guys more than twice.

True to her word, she declined to see me again when I texted her to come over a third time.

Nevertheless, a fun experience – but more importantly a landmark experience, with Lara being my first lay in London.

Text Screenshots

Panels to be read from left to right.

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