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10 Questions With Scooter Boy

The Scooter Stop

This one is inspiring.

Scooter Boy is a good friend whom I first met in Warsaw in 2016, and then linked up with again in Vienna in 2018 together with our buddy Ben.

I had heard about him much before – the guy who can’t walk and daygames on a mobility scooter. Seeing him daygame in person was even more spectacular. See the video above.

When we first met, I was amazed – not just by his charisma, but also by his enthusiasm and energy for daygame despite his condition. It is unsurprising then that we got along pretty quickly.

In this post, Scooter Boy talks about overcoming his disability to succeed with girls, how his life as a professional athlete & Paralympian benefited his daygame journey, his thoughts on getting coaching for daygame, his insights on daygame & relationships, and more.

Despite having known Scooter Boy for years, I was still uplifted and even more inspired after reading his answers to my questions, as some were more personal than we’ve ever spoken about before.

The italics are my personal added thoughts.

My friends, I am humbled yet thrilled to bring you:

10 Questions With Scooter Boy

1. Growing up as a teenager, what was it like for you meeting & fucking girls? Did your disability affect it at all?

As a teenager my dating life was very frustrating. I didn’t accept my physical condition and I didn’t feel comfortable with myself. My self-esteem was low, I didn’t feel attractive. As a result, I had no confidence to approach or flirt with girls. When I met them through social circle I was quite shy and weird around them so I had very little success.

2. Before you started daygame, how was it for you meeting & dating girls? Did being a professional athlete have an effect?

I went through a personal transformation process. Game helped me with this change. Before daygame I started reading seduction and trying night game/online game. I learned seduction with the old-school Mystery Method and the classic book: THE GAME. It opened my mind in all possible ways. Slowly but steadily my brain was starting to process the concepts and some good experiences started to happen. But there was something missing. I’ve never been a night person and in some way it was artificial. And also, the type of game it taught was quite manipulative and sneaky. I had to be someone else and push myself to be in places and do things I wouldn’t naturally do. By practice and commitment I started to develop confidence and project my value. The fact that I was a professional athlete helped me shine and show charisma. I began to show my personality and the value of someone who overcame challenges and became successful. In the past my low self esteem and introvert being hid all these virtues.

(I too started with Mystery Method & The Game, so I understand what Scooter Boy says about the manipulative & sneaky aspects.

The Mystery Method is a textbook like Daygame Mastery, while The Game is a story of how one man went from pussy-repellent to pussy-magnet [allegedly]. Both emphasise the use of routines – that is, until you can form your own natural stories & anecdotes. Essentially, fake it till you make it to the extreme. Keeping in mind the environment for which these books were primarily written i.e. high-end nightclubs in Los Angeles, you can imagine how a less extroverted individual would find adapting to the ideas in these books – it would be alien, and also incongruent.

Despite all this, I would always stand by the Mystery Method; although the method itself may not be applicable universally, the concepts contained in that book are fundamental to understanding social & sexual dynamics, and the psychology involved in seduction.
The Game is just a nice story to open your eyes to what is possible, but much of what is described in it is now outdated & inapplicable in 2020/2021, both due to advancements in the body of knowledge of game and also the outlook of society in general.

As for pre-scripted/canned routines, I think they can be good as long as you use ones which you would say anyway. You can read more about that here).

3. What concepts & ideas did you take from your professional sports career into daygame, and how did they help you?

My experience as a professional Paralympic athlete was very helpful on my journey in game. The mindset and discipline of a sportsman is one of the most powerful ingredients for success. To improve in game, like in any other area in life, commitment and sacrifice towards your goals is crucial. I decided I wanted to get good at Game and I wanted an abundance of women in my life. I committed myself to do whatever it takes to get there. The first two years of game I went out and approached massively. I did it mostly alone, with my “Harley” (my mobility scooter). I was consistent with my practice. I went through the pain, the rejections, and all the lows but like in sport, failure and defeat are the path to victory. I kept going forward which eventually brought good results.

(I’ve ridden the Harley many times, and have even done a number of sets on it. Nothing has come of those sets unfortunately – maybe that’s because I seem too gleeful when I’m talking to the girls sitting on the Harley, with a stupid self-amused grin on my face. But hey, that is a good way to get over the pain & rejection in daygame.)

4. I’ve seen you do some awesome stuff in daygame. But in your words, how do you find daygaming with your scooter & your condition?

Well I’m not going to sell the idea that looks don’t matter, they do. There is a percentage of girls that are very physically driven. But the good news is that we don’t need to get every girl. Even though my game is pretty decent, I know I get rejected more than if I wouldn’t have this condition, that is certain. But we have to work with what we have. It might take more approaches in a session to get results but eventually they will come. Good game and confidence can compensate for physical or other types of disadvantages and it can take you to another level. Regarding how difficult your situation is you can always improve your odds a lot 😉

5. How do girls usually respond to the fact that you have a disability and ride a scooter? How do they process it in their brains & verbalise it to you?

Normally they don’t ask about it, they just act naturally. Normally I bring the topic and make a joke about it and I show I’m comfortable with it and I let them know what it’s about. Talk about the elephant in the room, they say 😉 Normally most girls are polite and when they are not interested they just say goodbye politely and I go to my next interaction. When there is good attraction then I just move forward normally and interaction goes on. I don’t need to waste time thinking much about it, there are enough girls that will be into me.

6. I understand you did some coaching sessions early on in your daygame time. How did they help you? Would you have become as effective at daygame if you didn’t have them?

Yes I did a couple times coaching. When I did I already had some experience, probably more than 200 approaches. It was a good experience that gave me inspiration and some useful feedback. But it doesn’t make the difference. What really brings results is regular practice, commitment to the process, study seduction material and learn from your own mistakes and experience. I’m sorry to tell you that there are no shortcuts, don´t listen to the YouTube charlatans. You need to walk through the journey and be persistent. The good news is that it’s a beautiful ride, you will get there if you are strong enough not to give up.

7. You seem to do best with Slavic girls. Why do you think this is? Is there anything you think others can emulate to become successful?

Well, I think I’m doing best with Slavic girls because it’s my favorite type. I feel a massive drive towards them which I convey with my energy and passion through my interactions. There is something fascinating about Slavic girls that I can’t get enough of… I don’t think there’s a secret to emulate, I just suggest that you guys go after the girls you feel most attracted to and this drive that you feel will empower your game and give you an extra boost.

8. You’re currently in a relationship, and have had quite a few previously. Did you meet your girlfriend(s) through daygame? What would your advice be on when to stop daygaming & get into a relationship?

Yes, actually I have just finished a two year relationship with a Russian girl 10 years younger than me. I met her through a day game in my city in September 2018 after an Eurojaunt to Vienna with two crazy friends. (No, you’re the crazy friend.)

It was a beautiful experience which I am grateful for even though I decided to end the relationship. She’s a great person whom I will carry a good memory from. But she wasn’t the right person for me. With time I realized that she lacks some attributes that are important to me in a woman to consider a future and creating a family. That is something I´d want under the right circumstances. If I don’t meet the right match for that I’ll be happy to stay single and enjoy the relationships/adventures that come along the way.

It’s a quite personal topic but in general my advice would be to take care of your game and learn the skill to be consistent and then, once you had enough experiences under your belt and you’re good meeting and seducing girls you can decide how long you wanna be a player or if you are the kind of person that enjoys long-term relationships and sharing your life with a girl.

9. You have “re-started” daygame after ending relationships a few times. What advice would you give to guys who want to “restart” daygame after being in a long relationship?

So right now I am at this point so I guess the advice would be for me as well. My advice would be to take action. We all feel a bit rusty at the beginning and there’s the fear that you won’t be as good anymore. It’s all just noise in our heads. Less thinking and more action, again apply what worked in the past, get yourself out there and walk towards the fire beyond your comfort zone, be persistent and good things will happen.

10. What are your plans with women & game in the near future?

My plan now is to enjoy life. Take the best of this new cycle I´m starting and the freedom that comes with it. I´ll have some good fun with my friends and family, I wanna travel and of course, I will start gaming again. I´ll do tinder/online game, daygame and social circle here in my hometown. Once the weather is better I´ll ditch the lazy online stuff, and I’ll focus only on daygame. Maybe, a spring Eurojaunt if Corona bullshit allows.

After a couple years of relationship life, I´m looking forward to enjoying the new adventures to come and celebrating the wonderful gift of game, travelling the world and meeting charming young ladies.

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