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Mr. V’s Guide To Texting Girls

I’m pleased to announce that Mr. V has kindly said yes to me publishing his acclaimed Guide To Texting Girls on my blog.

Many of you will know Mr. V, and for those who do not, he was one of the more prominent daygame voices on Twitter.

He decided to shut down his Twitter account after having achieved what he intended to on the app, and is now continuing his life and daygame in New York City.

I once mentioned Mr. V’s guide in the same breadth as the Text Game chapter in Daygame Mastery by Nick Krauser and Todd V’s Texts & Dates Machine video product. In fact, I think it is of such quality that he should sell it as a product instead of it being given for free.

After shutting down his Twitter account, Mr. V’s guide was difficult to find. I received a number of messages asking me where to find it, which I didn’t have an answer to.

Although I finally got hold of it through another daygamer who saved it before it went offline, I felt that it would be a loss to the body of knowledge of daygame if it were to fade into obscurity.

I am delighted to be able to preserve this daygame resource for posterity.

To get Mr. V’s guide for free, click the link at the top or below.

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