Historical Exploits

Accounts & narratives of one’s escapades pre-dating the Lee Cho Daygame years, which began only in March 2019.

As my daygame journey began in early 2013, this list is still some way from being completed.

In terms of chronology, from most recent to oldest:

Lay Report – Teenage Dream To Teenage Scream

Field Report – Bested By Commando Girls: A Double Date Experience

Lay Report – Same Day Lay: Street-To-Bed Personal Best Time

Lay Report – Another Kind Of “SDL”

Lay Report – A Rare Species

Lay Report – Confucius On Girls Sitting In Parks

Lay Report – Xhosa Xperiences

Lay Report – Same Day Lay: My First Ever Same Day (De-)Lay

Lay Report – Same Night Lay: My First Same Night Lay – Swedish Alternative

Lay Report – Baltic Infidelity